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Choosing a Finch As Your New Bird Pet – The Pros & Cons

Choosing a Finch As Your New Bird Pet: Learn why a finch will or won’t make a good pet bird

Finches can be exciting and lively animals. If you’re a bird lover and revel in the business of a fairly independent creature, a finch could be”exactly what the doctor ordered”. They flourish in pairs and go nicely with the inclusion of other finches, provided that new household members also come in pairs. In actuality, provided that the dimensions of the cage are big enough for the number of birds living together, the more you have, the happier you are. You will need to be certain that the additional finches are the exact same size, otherwise bigger finches could become competitive.

Choosing a Finch As Your New Bird Pet
Choosing a Finch As Your New Bird Pet

Finches can be found in a vast array of colours, are incredibly adorable, like to take daily baths and are fairly easy to breed. Among the main things about any pet you choose would be to understand what the creature has to provide an individual or household and what are the things about the creature that could be more challenging to manage. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of having a Finch as a boarder.


Finches are beautiful and come in a broad assortment of colours and patterns. They also have an assortment of personalities.

Your finch will require very little maintenance. Their favourite food is seeds using Finch oriented bird seeds available at most pet shops.

They frequently breed in captivity, which lets you observe the entire process of mating and hatching.

Many finches will live for about a decade, a real plus, since there is certain to be an attachment which develops as the family watches and enjoys the development of their little families.

Pet finches are big house birds since their needs for cages are minimal and they aren’t that noisy.

The inconvenients:

Prefer the business of other finches.

While watching the arrival of new finches is enjoyable, it is also your responsibility to make certain that the breeding goes well. They will also require a whole lot of light.

Finches aren’t good rulers. When they eat, the seed husks and tiny pieces of food fall into the floor, so you’ll need to discover the appropriate location for the cage which will facilitate cleaning.

Cleaning the cage of your finches can be a real job, since they’re generally not happy with the disturbance of the habitat. Some people have two cages so that they can clean out the cage thoroughly with minimal disturbance. Open both doors of the cage and build the cages. Put fresh fruit or their favourite toys from the 2nd cage and they’ll go with minimal fuss. Just reverse when you are done cleaning the main cage.

Finches are extremely rarely silent, but it’s fairly simple to calm them down. Just cover their cage just like you do at night for some peace and quiet.

Even a small one such as a Finch can mean additional work, but once you’ve got a system it is not that bad and the joy you receive from the Finch pet will more than compensate for it. As soon as you’ve done your research and know what’s required to raise a healthy and happy finch, you’ll be prepared to enjoy the pleasant company of one of the small wonders of nature. Being greeted by your pet every morning will become the highlight of the day.

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