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Choosing a Bar Stool for Your Cafe or Bar

When we look at it from a design point of view, it is an accentuated stool or chair designed appropriately for the bar counters. However, they are absolutely indispensable furniture for any bar. There are many options you can choose from and you can easily choose a perfect one for your bar decor. While galvanized steel bar stools offer a sturdy and metallic look, oak bar stools portray more of an organic image and would be perfect if you want to set up a type of one-room tavern. It totally depends on the atmosphere of the bar. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing stools.


Bar stools are mainly available in two types of design, those with a backrest and those that don’t. Xavier Pauchard is the ingenious designer behind these stools and almost all the bar stools you can find today are inspired by this design. While Tolix produces the original product, Tolix bar stools may be too expensive a deal to invest in. The inexpensive alternative would therefore be to look for websites that offer replicas of this wonderful furniture design. This is truly a timeless piece that can complete your installation and bring it to life.

The brand and the goal

As discussed above, you can choose the type of material your stools are made of. Metal bar stools are the classic Pauchard designs that can get a unique image while those in oak or wooden bar stools will help you get more than one type of organic image. Plastic stools are also a very popular choice for cafes and coffee shops. The type of place you are trying to install should tell you everything you need to know about which bar stool brand to choose. It would be a much better option for designer furniture replicas as they offer maximum comfort and price.

Where to buy?

If you are passionate about design furniture and think of yourself as a connoisseur of fine furniture sets, looking for original design furniture would not be a bad idea. Many companies such as Tolix and Knoll studios still produce original designer furniture. However, for the general need for furniture, this could become too expensive. If you are looking for style, comfort and intimacy, minus the amazing prices, then replicas of designer furniture are the way to go. Look for a website that provides such replicas at great prices. They should also offer a large variety of chairs, tables and stools to choose from. A website that offers unique designs like the egg stool would make a great choice.


by Richard Buysschaert

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