Chongqing’s 10 Hardest Challenges To Complete

Inviting players to explore a city with crowded, neon-lit streets and one eerie sci-fi lab where strange experiments are being performed behind closed doors, Hitman 3‘s Chongqing level is truly a joy to explore. Agent 47 is tasked in this level with eliminating both behavioral analyst Imogen Royce and data security expert Hush.

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As with all of Hitman 3‘s levels, Chongqing offers players plenty of challenges to complete, both expected and unexpected, using the level’s unique layout, cast of characters, and tools available to Agent 47. There are plenty of obstacles in his way as well, though, meaning that players may have to give this level several playthroughs before they can accomplish its toughest challenges.

10 Vengeance

Vengeance & Agent 47 Approaching Two Guards

This challenge asks players to complete the relatively simple task of taking down five guards with a hammer. While the planning of this task is easy enough, the difficulty comes in the execution, as taking down five guards with only a hammer does take some finesse.

If players can find the hammer and weaponize their stealth and de-escalation skills to avoid an intense combat situation (or, alternatively, if they are particularly good at shooting their way out without too much chaos ensuing), then they will have completed this brutal, vengeful challenge.

9 Chameleon

Chameleon - Agent 47 Dressed As Chef

Although this challenge appears on other levels, Chameleon is still a fairly challenging prospect for players to take on in the Chongqing level. This challenge requires players to put on all 11 disguises that are available in the level, although it does not all have to be done in a single attempt.

With outfits ranging from the specific (Mr. Pritchard) to the more general (homeless person), there are a variety of challenges associated with Agent 47 trying on each disguise, ranging from their location to their rarity. After playing this level enough, though, most players should be able to accomplish this goal.

8 Mnemonic

Mnemonic - Agent 47 And Hush In Experiment Chairs

One of the more intriguing assassination methods offered in this level, as well as the game as a whole, Mnemonic is a challenge that requires players to kill Hush by overloading his brain as part of an experimental procedure. This isn’t the toughest kill to accomplish, but it does require some setup and knowledge of the level.

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In addition to triggering the experiment by wearing the right disguises in the right places in order to become a participant, Agent 47 must take out the reluctant assistant who will not let the experiment go too far. With her out of the way and the right preparation, though, the experiment is an “accident” waiting to happen.

7 The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On - Agent 47 Approaching An Experimental Pod

The Show Must Go On seems simple enough at first, having players turn off all of the test pods where unwilling participants are being experimented on, such that Hush comes back and resets all of the pods. However, the scientists in the area will notice when pods are off and turn them back on.

So, Agent 47 has to either find a pod order that avoids detection, dispatch the right people at the right times to prevent the pods from being turned back on, or find the happy medium of both these methods. Thus, a fairly simple task becomes a puzzle that requires some trial and error to solve.

6 Down The Rabbit Hole

Down The Rabbit Hole - Streets Of Chongqing

Some challenges, like this one, see players finding different ways to exit each level once their tasks have been completed. To complete Down The Rabbit Hole, players have to leave through a manhole in an alleyway near the level’s main building.

The challenge comes with the fact that the manhole does not appear on the map, leaving Agent 47 to find it himself if he wants to escape Chongqing this way. Further, players must be prepared if they want to take this route, as they need to acquire a crowbar in order to remove the manhole cover before making their escape.

5 What A Glorious Feeling…/…I’m Happy Again

What A Glorious Feeling - Agent 47 With Umbrella Looking Out At Chongqing

As may be evident by its name that echoes the lyrics of the classic song “Singin’ in the Rain,” this pair of challenges is on the sillier end of tasks that Agent 47 is asked to complete. In order to get the first of these challenges, players must knock out a dancing guard with an umbrella.

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After finding the dancing guard and knocking him out, though, players will want to stick around a little more until he comes to again. Once he gets up and starts dancing again, Agent 47 must take him down again in order to finish the second challenge. After locating both the umbrella and the guard, though, this extra bit of stealth and patience is the easy part, if players know to repeat the act.

4 Venting Some Stress

Venting Some Stress Agent 47 Standing By Break Room Control Panel

Players looking to complete this challenge will have to have patience and attention to detail, as the setup for this particular assassination method will take some time. The goal is to kill Imogen Royce with poisonous gas distributed through the vents in the break room.

In addition to finding and setting up the poison, Agent 47 will have to get Imogen into the break room and alone in order to accomplish this feat. This is a somewhat protracted process, as players will have to hack workstations to get workers into the break room, leading to Imogen coming in to break up the party and stay there alone once everyone else is gone.

3 Hack The Planet

Hack The Planet - Agent 47 Approaching A Tier One Door

This challenge sends players on a hunt for all three tiers of access dongles found across the main building where Hush and Imogen Royce work. Because these tiny drives are located all across the level, they can be difficult to track down, but the rewards for doing so extend beyond just this challenge.

Finding all three dongles will give players access to more of the facility, which can open up opportunities for creative gameplay or for completing other challenges. So, this scavenger hunt is one that players may want to consider going on, even if they aren’t trying to go for every challenge.

2 Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Silent Assassin Suit Only - Agent 47 In Suit Reading Newspaper

Silent Assassin, Suit Only is a classic challenge that appears across Hitman 3‘s various sandbox levels, requiring players to tackle the daunting task of completing the level without being compromised or changing into a disguise. A challenge on any level, this feat presents its own challenges on Chongqing.

The fact that so many of the primary methods of getting into the main facility and reaching Hush and Imogen Royce require a disguise means that players will need to be extra sneaky finding an alternative way into the building. The challenge also requires that only targets are killed, so players will need to carefully plot a path through the guards so that deadly force will be saved for the targets.

1 Medium Rare/Human Error

Medium Rare - Agent 47 Firing Employees

This pair of challenges both involve a similar chain of events, with Human Error requiring Agent 47 to disable the safety mechanism in the facility’s core chamber, and Medium Rare requiring that the core chamber cleaning process be used to kill target Imogen Royce. Both challenges require players to fire employees at the facility strategically.

It takes good timing and attention to detail to fire the right people in the right order at the right times. However, if done correctly, the employees will disable the safety mechanism and start the cleaning process, creating an opportunity for a hands-off elimination of one of the level’s two targets.

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