Child bullying How to overcome

Child bullying How to overcome

Child bullying : How to overcome

child bullyingStress-free life exists in fairy tale stories only. Like all people, children are also suffering from stress in their life. The stress is not visible, but still effecting children’s growth and mental ability. As you must have seen in the advertisement of Maggi the girl child returning home is stressed with her class mate’s weird way of calling her name Raj kumari. She feels depressed and literally hates her childhood name which was given to her by her mother.

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This is not the only example of child bullying. There are cases when a child returns home and always insist on carrying more of the Tiffin next day. Despite of heavy food, she is not gaining weight and even her progress is going down. To Nisha the extra Tiffin was for the group who forced her to get more eatables for them and if she didn’t bought extra Tiffin then they will beat her. In order to save herself from beating she told her mother to give her extra Tiffin next day onwards.

On investigation it was found that both of the girls were the victim of child bullying.  The children who bully the other mate make the victim fearful and even manipulate the child. They want the things to happen in their way and it has to be done as per their demands or wishes. If their wishes are not fulfilled they don’t hesitate in harming the victim. In order to avoid such unusual circumstances the child fell pray to child bullying and do as directed.

Raj Kumari MaggiThis stress continues in their life and tends to effect their mental and physical growth. No wonder child bullying is like a termite which will eventually seize the growth of the child. It calls for a serious attention. First of all analyze few points which will help you understand that your child is falling pray to child bullying.

Look up for these signs :-

  • A child becomes quiet. He/she will not like to play or get friendly with their age group.
  • Their progress report will not be up to the mark.
  • Their physical growth will be effected. They still look weak despite of eating their regular meals.
  • They may not like to talk to anyone.
  • They may avoid going outside of their home. Home appears them to be the safest place to stay on.
  • A child may wake up at mid-night after a horrible night mare.
  • Child may not want to leave their parents. As the bullying child might have threaten him to do something wrong with his parents.
  • A child may become aggressive and starts responding unmannerly.

If any of these signs are visible in any child don’t ignore it and try to find out if the child is falling prey to child bullying. Moreover, try to find who is giving these sentimental scares to your child. Easier said than done, it calls for a close observation and inspection about the child’s daily routine.

As it a serious issue, on confirmation it should not be neglected and immediate action should be taken in this regard. If it is at school, parents should talk to the teacher and bring to the notice of child’s parents as well. As children are innocent they may be child bullying for fun or for attracting attention from the other child or it may be simply proving their strength or taking undue advantage of their parent’s high profile designation.

Teach about bullyingAfter analyzing the exact reason the child should be psychologically treated. Such matters should be handled with love and patience. As in growing age the child tend to become rebellious and might harm them selves or the other person. Needless to say, it calls for long term counseling by an expert.

One needs to win the child’s confidence so that he opens out his/her heart to you. Your first impression would be of bullying back or advising your child to stand up for your own self, or you may change your house or child’s school perhaps that is not the right solution to this heart touching problem. Children may choose any tip from following to handle the situation in a better way.

  • Try to ignore the bully– You should try to ignore him and avoid the places where he follows you. Make more friends and remain in a group. A single bully will never attack the group.
  • Control your anger– It is but, obvious to loose temper in such cases but that’s not the need of the hour moreover that’s what the bully is encouraging you to do. Try to remain calm and ignore. Walk away from him silently while keeping you cool.
  • Act bravely– Don’t let the bullying child get the impression that you are scared of him. Clearly tell him to stop the bullying. Once you ignore his act he will himself feel bored and eventually give up bullying.
  • Share it with elders– One of the greatest mistakes which often child make is that they don’t tell their parents about it. They share their problem with their friends or with similar age group and they are not able to provide any helpful solution to this serious problem.
  • This is something which steal away the smile and confidence of your child that undoubtedly, no parents would like to face it. Parents play an important role in handling this problem. They should try to make their child friendlier. Encourage him to join some club or activities of his interest. Last, but not the least, spend a quality time with your child. Lend them a listening ear.

KindnessHelp gain child confidence in you and in himself. Become friendly with them and share your precious moments with them. Do the activities which they love to do? Try to Built that eternal bond with your child that he doesn’t hesitate in sharing the worst moments of their life with you. Only you have the solution provided children share it with you. Gain their confidence and make them feel confident that you are always there to stand by them.

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  1. A very thoughtful post. Bullying bruises a child’s ego and shatters self confidence. Should be strongly discouraged.

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