110 Best Chest Tattoos for Women and Men

For men and women who are looking for the best chest tattoosyou will surely enjoy this collection.  Most ladies love men who have tattoos.  Women adore men who have a muscled chest.  Having a tattoo on the chest makes men look sexy. The chest is the best area for a tattoo if you want it to be visible.  A tattoo on the chest can make you feel powerful just like the superheroes who are wearing their logos on their chest. This collection is for men and women who want to wear an eye-catching tattoo. After seeing these chest tattoos you will surely get inspired to getting one for yourself.  Enjoy!

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25. Flying Bird Chest Tattoo

Flying Bird Chest Tattoo

Most women choose back tattoos rather than chest tattoos.

26. Flying Birds Tattoo

Flying Birds Tattoo

Each bird carries a specific meaning but generally, it is a symbol of freedom.

27. Flying Black Birds Tattoo

Flying Black Birds Tattoo

Bird tattoos provide beauty and elegance to the wearer.

28. Flying Bug And Burning Candle

Flying Bug And Burning Candle

A burning candle symbolizes human lives.

29. Glamorous Chest Tattoos

Glamorous Chest Tattoos

Flowers are a common theme for women’s tattoos.

30. Heart Tattoo On Chest For Women

Heart Tattoo On Chest For Women

This is a symbol of love.

31. Hourglass And Flowers

Hourglass And Flowers

An hourglass portrays the passing of time.

32. Japanese Dragon Chest Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Chest Tattoo

Dragons are mostly used in Japanese tattoos.

33. Colorful Moth Tattoo

Colorful Moth Tattoo

The advantage of placing a tattoo on the chest is that it won’t lose it’s shape quickly.

34. Lace Design Tattoo

Lace Design Tattoo

This is a black and purple lace design done in a symmetrical style.

35. Lily Chest Design Tattoos

Lily Chest Design Tattoos

According to the Greeks, Lilies are associated with birth or motherhood.

36. Lily Chest Piece

Lily Chest Piece

This flower tattoo looks pretty cool.  It shows three lilies at the center of the chest.

37. Lower Chest Tattoo For Women

Lower Chest Tattoo For Women

A heart tattoo with bones shows the wearer’s love for dogs.

38. Skull Heart Tattoo

Skull Heart Tattoo

Some girls place their tattoos under their breasts.

39. Neck And Chest Tattoos

Neck And Chest Tattoo

In some tribes, tribal tattoos are used as an indication that a young person has come of age.

40. New Chest Tattoos

New Chest Tattoos

More and more women are now going for chest tattoos.

41. Nice Chest Piece

Nice Chest Piece

Chest tattoos can make women look hot and unique.

42. Orchid Flower Tattoo On Chest

Orchid Flower Tattoo On Chest

A flower tattoo placed on the left chest looks stunning.

43. Heart with Skull Tattoo

Pictures Of Tattoos On Chest

You will surely get amazed by the different variations of chest tattoos that are available.

44. Bird Chest Tattoo

Pride Bird Chest Tattoo

A beautiful and colorful bird tattooed on the right side of the upper chest.

45. Quote Tattoo

Quote Tattoo

Because without respect, there’s gonna be nothing left.

46. Realistic Gore Tattoo

Realistic Gore Tattoo

Although this is used as a woman’s chest tattoo, it can also be a nice man’s chest tattoo as well.

47. Red Roses And Spider Web

Red Roses And Spider Web

If you want a bigger and sexier tattoo then you can opt for floral designs.

48. Rose Tattoos For Women

Rose Tattoos For Women

Two roses with lovely colors.

49. Rose Vine And Pistol Tattoos

Rose Vine And Pistol Tattoos

Guns and roses!

50. Two Girls Tattoo

Tattoo On Chest Two Girls

So nice!

51. Seductive Tattoo

Seductive Tattoo

” Special Needs”

52. Chest Tattoo

Women Chest Tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of tribal tattoo and an outline tattoo of flowers.

53. Symmetrical Bird Sketch Tattoo

Symmetrical Bird Sketch Tattoo

This can look more awesome when applied with colors.

54. Indian Necklace

Tribal Tattoos For Women

This Indian style tattoo has a royalty look.

55. Upper Chest Tattoos For Women

Upper Chest Tattoos For Women

Born to blossom, bloom to perish.

Best Chest Tattoos for Men

56. Awesome Chest Tattoo

Awesome Chest Tattoo

True to myself.

57. Dragon Chest Tattoo

Dragon Chest Tattoo

Some men would create their tattoo on one-half of the chest only.

58. Bird Chest Tattoos Men

Bird Chest Tattoos Men

A flying bird is mostly seen in men’s chest tattoos.

59. Chest Tattoos Ideas

Chest Back Tattoos

This tattoo has beautiful shades.

60. Wing and Heart Tattoo

Chest Heart Tattoo

Black and red tattoo of a wing and heart are truly a great combination.

61. Quotes Chest Tattoos

Chest Rose Tattoo

I think, therefore I am

62. Chest 3D Heart Tattoo

Chest 3D Heart Tattoo

Looks like a real heart!

63. Chest Tattoo Arabic Words

Chest Tattoos Arabic Words

Arabic tattoos are so unique.

64. Horse Chest Tattoo

Horse Chest Tattoo

This is a nice and simple tattoo of three horses.

65. Buddha Tattoo

Buddha Tattoo

A Buddha tattoo can be worn by anyone.

66. Huge Claws Dragon Tattoo

Huge Claws Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo with the statue of liberty.

67. Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpion Tattoo On Upper Chest

So creepy!

68. 3D Chest Tattoo

Men Chest Tattoo

This realistic tattoo is so amazing!

69. Bird Chest Tattoo

Bird Chest Tattoo

The chest is a large area for your masterpiece.

70. Red Heart

Red Heart

A tattoo of heart, with wings, expresses love and freedom.

71. Chest Swallows Tattoo

Chest Swallows Tattoo

Originally, swallow tattoos are used by sailors to display their sailing experience.

72. Chest Pieces

Raven Chest Tattoo

You can add other elements to your raven tattoo to make it unique.

73. Winged Glass Hour Tattoo

Chest Tattoos Men

Who has forever anyway

74. Deer Tattoo

Chest Tattoos For Black Men

Animal tattoos such as a deer tattoo look so adorable.

75. Death’s-head Hawkmoth Chest Tattoo

Chest Tattoos For Females

This is an interesting tattoo that is associated with the dark supernaturals.

76. Wolf Head and Skull Tattoos

Chest Tattoos For Men Designs

Two designs combined into one.

77. Watch Tattoo

Watch Tattoo

Time is very important for this guy.

78. Stag and Crow Tattoos

Chest Tattoo For Men Tumblr

A stag and a crow tattoo signify manhood.

79. Nice Eagle Chest Tattoo

Nice Eagle Chest Tattoo

There’s only one word to describe this – “Awesome”.

80. Eagle Tattoo

Chest Tattoos Pain

It seems that this eagle tattoo is not yet done.

81. Eagle Chest Tattoo

Eagle Chest Tattoo

Two eagles with an eye on the center.

82. Raven Chest Tattoos

Chest Tattoos Quotes

Ravens symbolize protection and power.

83. Inspirational Tattoo

Inspirational Tattoo

Chest tattoos can also be engraved with inspiring words.

84. Chest Tattoo Wolf

Chest Tattoo Wolf

Wolf tattoos are often combined with other Native American tattoo designs.

85. Realistic Chest Tattoos

Chest Workouts

This skull tattoo is so cool!

86. Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo On Chest

Cross tattoos have various designs and mostly associated with religion.

87. Winged Eye Tattoo

Do Chest Tattoos Hurt

Stormy Weather

88. Eagle Chest Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Chest

Love. Hate.

89. Eye Chest Tattoo

Eye Chest Tattoos

Eye tattoos are very symbolic and intriguing as well.

90. Realistic Heart Tattoo

Female Chest Tattoos Pain

A unique twist from the usual heart tattoo.

91. Skull and Raven Tattoo

Female Thigh Tattoos

A fantasy tattoo.

92. Playing Cards Tattoo

Gothic Chest Tattoo Fonts

Perhaps this guy loves to play cards.

93. Modern Heart Tattoo Design

Heart Chest Tattoo

Some guys want to have chest tattoos that are quite eye-catching.

94. Owl Tattoo

Owl Chest Tattoo

Owl tattoos are popular among tattoo lovers since it is a symbol of wisdom.

95. Passion Chest Tattoo

Passion Chest Tattoo


96. Eye Chest Tattoo

Eye Chest Tattoo

Blackened Sky

97. Inspiring Tattoo

Quotes Tattoo

Always forgive never forget.

98. Chest Piece Timeglass

Chest Piece Timeglass

Life won’t wait.

99. Rose Chest Tattoo

Rose Chest Tattoo

Some men would prefer his tattoo on one side of the chest only.

100. Quote and Dragon Tattoo

Script Chest Tattoo

Positive thinking always helps become.

101. Raven Chest Tattoo

Shoulder Tattoos Men

It has various colors which make it unusual.

102. Ganesha Chest Tattoo

Small Chest Tattoos For Females

If you love elephants then you’ll surely love this Ganesha tattoo.

103. Monster Tattoo

Monster Tattoo

This tattoo is a bit scary to look at.

104. Eagle Tattoo On Chest

Eagle Tattoo On Chest

A framed portrait of a girl is being incorporated into the eagle tattoo.

105. Winged Skull Tattoo with Crown

Tribal Chest Tattoo

Rock ‘N Roll

106. Owl Mandala Tattoo

Tribal Chest Tattoo

Asymmetrical design of an owl and mandala designs.

107. Tribal Chest Tattoo

Tribal Tattoos On Chest

Tribal designs are the perfect idea for chest tattoos.

108. Heart with Quote

True Love Tattoo

It seems like a painful heart since it is surrounded by thorns.

109. Chest Tattoo For Men

Chest Tattoo For Men

There are a lot of designs that you can create on your chest tattoo.

110. Animal Tattoo

Chest Tattoos For Men

Two angry dogs.

Do Chest Piece Tattoos hurt?

Chest tattoos are commonly preferred by both men and women.  Large pieces take some time to finish. Chest pieces can hurt but not so much if you have more muscles or body fats.  If your chest has more muscle tissues as well as thick skin then chest tattoos won’t hurt so much compared to the neck, spine, and ribcage. On the other hand, if you are skinny then you must be ready in enduring the pain.

We hope that you enjoy this amazing list of chest tattoos.  There are a variety of designs but the most common ones are the angels, skulls, swallows, and deer.  They are very popular and very nice to place on the chest.

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