Cher, 74 years old: a career between music and entertainment

Cher, 74 years old: a career between music and entertainment

Cher, 74 years old: a career between music and entertainment

Popstar, camp icon and artist known for his metamorphosis. Best wishes to Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre, aka Cher, who turns 74 today

How many “Cher” are there? His long and dense career has developed between music, entertainment and cinema. And like the Arab phoenix rising from the ashes, the pop star flies away from a difficult or unsuccessful childhood: a father with alcohol and drug problems who abandons her, a mother who pursues the dream of becoming an actress, wandering with little money in your pocket. But everything changes when he is sixteen and meets Sonny Bono.

He is eleven years older than her: he is struck by her exotic beauty, seen as he is chorister in Phil Spector’s studios during an Ronettes recording. He immediately began making plans for a duo called Sonny & Cher, a family-run company that has produced billions in ten years. Supported in 1965 by the Atlantic label, the first success arrives, I Got You Babe, which turns them into pop stars. Music even becomes a TV phenomenon with a show in their name, then led only by Cher when they split up. But the success for which she is remembered or hummed is Believe: The song recorded with Autotune technology in 1998 quickly climbs the charts, resurrecting Cher as a pop star at the age of 52.

In the thirty years that divide his greatest successes, Cher transforms, always finds the energy to be reborn. Even before Madonna and Lady Gaga, Cher he explored different musical genres, from the disc in Take Me Home to hair metal by I Found Someone, until the punk of Save Up All Your Tears. She is the perfect interpreter of the role of pop icon for each generation not only LGBT, from the 60s to the present day, embodiment of the camp concept. Her looks tell the story of mannerism and that emphatic way of styling and behaving that finds its modern apotheosis right on the set, on the red carpet or on stage. Cher has in fact been able to use her image, never closed in rigid and ever-evolving patterns, to destabilize or shock, anticipating fashion trends. Style, self-image are accompanied by a powerful voice and a recognized talent with the seventh art: in 1988 wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Haunted by the Moon.

And then there are the tweaks, (fifty-five as legend wants?) A question that Cher deals with so much irony, because humor is still a way to stay young “the older pupa, with more voluminous hair and a shorter costume”, As he proudly thundered at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

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