Chef Natasha Gives Advice to Fans In Toxic Relationships

Chef Natasha de Bourg from Below Deck Sailing Yacht was once in a toxic relationship. She’s sharing her story, along with some wise advice.

Natasha de Bourg stars on the newest season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. She is doling out advice to viewers who may be in toxic relationships. Natasha was in one of those relationships when she was younger. The newest reality star hopes that sharing advice based on her own experiences will help others.

The Trinidad native, who is proud to represent Caribbean women, got her start interning at multiple high-class restaurants and eventually landed a head chef role in France. Then, this creative culinary whiz got bored and decided to make a splash in the yachting world. The chef prides herself on being genuine. She believes in presenting her authentic self at all times. When fans learned of her past, they wanted to know more. This chef has lifted herself up by her bootstraps and made quite a name for herself. She’s really impressing Bravo and Hayu viewers.

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Fans were shocked to learn that de Bourg didn’t have the best start. She married young and revealed in the premiere episode that her relationship with her ex-husband was toxic. This was because her husband was an alcoholic. The Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2 cast member sat down with Screen Rant to give advice to viewers in similar situations. She made it clear that we live in a world of “unrealistic expectations,” and said that she was sharing her story to help others.

The foodie wants women everywhere to know that they are a “force to be reckoned with.” She wants them to love themselves regardless of their imperfections. While chatting, she made it clear that if you are in a bad situation, you should talk about it. She doesn’t think there’s anything to hide, and explained, “As women, we should seek our own happiness.” The chef believes that it is essential for men and women who find themselves in toxic situations to “speak out.” When it comes to toxic relationships, she doesn’t believe that anyone involved in that type of dynamic should be “keeping it in the dark.”

On Wednesday’s all-new episode, the Michelin-caliber chef, who’s often been underestimated because she’s pretty, had what many would call an “off day.” However, to be fair, the guests were a nightmare. They were over an over-the-top family of nine who seemed to think the crew could cast magic spells and accomplish things that were nearly impossible. Even after her off day, she held her head high. This shows that she is a chef who shouldn’t be messed with.

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Monday at 9 pm EST on Hayu and Bravo.

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