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Once the important choices have to be made when looking for the right policy, it is whether or not to add comprehensive insurance. This extended coverage is also referred to as “full coverage insurance” and offers a greater level of vehicle protection. Let’s take a look at the definition first. Comprehensive insurance is coverage for damage inflicted on the vehicle that is not related to a car accident.

Covered things can be quite large but also very rare in some cases. Here is a short list of the most common complete recurrences.

Car Insurance Policy
Car Insurance Policy

* Vehicle theft

One of the main reasons why people buy this type of insurance is to protect the value of their car, in case it is stolen. Car theft is on the rise and not just for expensive luxury cars. Take a look at the list of the 10 most stolen vehicles and you will see the Honda Agreements, the Civic and even the Toyota Camry. If you park your car on the street in an urban area, you should seriously consider adding car insurance with full coverage on your policy.

* Glass breakage

Have you ever traveled behind a garbage dump or garbage truck just to fly something on your windshield at over 60 MPH? Probably so and for many people, it happens every year or two. This is another reason why full details might make sense to you. According to this plan, if your windshield is broken, you can have it replaced. You’ll have to pay a deductible, though.

* Animal damage

Believe it or not, thousands of cars are hit by animals every year, strong enough to cause damage to vehicles. Even large dogs can hit a car and cause dents, not to mention a 600-pound deer. If you live in an area that has many wild animals, consider getting complete protection.

* Meteorological events

There are numerous weather-related things that could cause damage to your car. A flood could completely ruin your car’s electronic system or a tornado could take it up in the air and make it completely total. Even a light wind storm can cause heavy branches to fall and hit the vehicle, causing serious damage.

* Vandalism

Some people do bad things, and this includes vandalism on other people’s private property. This can be tire damage, “typing” or even breaking the vehicle due to anger. This is why it is always important not only to get enhanced insurance if you can afford it, but always garage your car in a protected area.

Compulsory full car insurance

There are some situations where you may be asked to obtain detailed information. The main one is if you are renting or financing a car. Lenders must protect the value of the loan amount they have invested and do so by making this enhanced coverage mandatory. Also, even if you pay your car in full, if it’s worth more than $ 25,000, you should probably get full coverage.

Another noteworthy fact is that many insurers will not allow you to purchase full insurance unless you add a collision to your policy first. These 2 types of coverage go hand in hand and provide excellent protection for almost anything that can happen on and off the road.

How to get economic auto insurance

Although this type of insurance is more expensive than “empty” liability plans, there are some useful tips that can bring your own it costs quite a lot. The first thing to do is get a higher deductible. Many people think it should be low, like $ 250 or $ 500. Raise it to $ 1,000 and you can save around 10% or more. Another tip is to group all the cars together and save another 5% to 10%.

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