Chanel: the Métiers d’art 2019 20 collection by Virginie Viard as seen by Sofia Coppola

A jump in the past. Exactly December 3, 2019. It is the day before Chanel Métiers d’art 2019 2020 fashion show. Sofia Coppola she was invited by the maison’s creative director, Virginie Viard, to film the preparations for the fashion show. There is a great silence in the atelier. All the bags that will go on the catwalk are lying on the floor. The bijoux, however, are partly on the table and partly on the hangers. It seems to live a dream. And, apparently, it is the same for the stylist, despite the fact that she has lived it for some time, and despite those creations coming from her idea.

“The quiet before the storm. There is so much peace now, but this afternoon it will be full of people”, she says to Sofia Coppola. “I love these bags, I love everything. Here I never get bored, and I always get excited.” And this emotion is truly palpable in the moments preceding the parade.

“We thought about how girls dress to go out in the evening”, she explains as she helps the models wear the looks. “I imagined them going down a staircase to go to a party. Walking in the evening and going to Le Coupole to find that festive atmosphere. It’s fun to dress to go out and meet friends.”

As Sofia Coppola enters the heart of the film, showing the spectacular creations, between the colors of tweed and the glitter of the lurex threads that illuminate the garments, we soon realize that the docufilm reaches a deeper dimension: we finally know more closely who the collection created it: Madame Viard.

“You can see that Virginie really loves Chanel and all her history and that protects her”, says the director. “He knows I love the house and he asked me to work on the scenography and the atmosphere of the parade. When you think of Chanel, you think of the elegant Parisian women and Virginie is just like that. I went to the Grand Palais on the eve of the parade to see the scenography They built it so fast. I got excited. “

Watch the video by Sofia Coppola dedicated to the backstage of Chanel’s Métiers d’art 2019 2020 fashion show in an exclusive preview on Tips


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