César 2022: Illusions Perdues, Bac Nord… Where to see the best films of the year? – News…

césar 2022: illusions perdues, bac nord... where to see the best films of the year? - news...

The nominations for the César 2022 have been revealed! In the best film category, 7 works will compete for the supreme consecration! Where can we see these feature films for a catch-up before the February 25 ceremony?

The Académie des César delivered its verdict on Wednesday January 26 with the list of nominees for the 47th ceremony, which will be held on February 25.

Illusions Perdues by Xavier Giannoli won 15 nominations, ahead of Annette by Leos Carax (11), Aline by Valérie Lemercier (10) and Bac Nord with Gilles Lellouche (7).

These feature films are obviously present in the Best Film category. They will compete for the ultimate distinction with L’Evénement, Onoda and La Fracture.

While waiting to find out who will win the famous Compression forged by the sculptor César, we can catch up on all these remarkable films that marked 2021. But where can we see them?

Illusions Perdues was released in cinemas on October 20, attracting nearly 900,000 spectators. This historical fresco adapted from Balzac tells the story of Lucien, a young poet unknown in 19th century France.

The latter has great hopes and wants to forge a destiny for himself. He left the family printing house in his native province to try his luck in Paris, on the arm of his protector. Directed by Xavier Giannoli and worn by Benjamin Voisin, named best hope, the feature film will be available on Blu-ray/DVD on March 30. However, some theaters are still screening the film.

If you want to sing and dance with Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver, Annette is already available on DVD and VOD. Released in July 2021, the musical work of Leos Carax brought together around 280,000 curious people. Note that Adam Driver’s performance earned him a César nomination for best actor.

Still in the theme of the song, Aline will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on March 16. Released on November 10, the feature film is also still visible in theaters where it has already reached 1.3 million admissions.

After the musical films, it’s time for action! Bac Nord, a punchy film from the summer of 2021, will be broadcast on Canal+ from February 18, a few days before the ceremony. After the new agreements on the media chronology, the encrypted channel can program the film exactly six months after its cinema release on August 18, 2021.

Directed by Cédric Jimenez, Bac Nord is also available on Blu-ray and VOD. It is one of the biggest successes of the year with 2.2 million spectators.

The Event, which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2021, is still scheduled in cinemas. The shock work produced by Audrey Diwan was released in theaters on November 24. It will then be available on March 30 on DVD/Blu-ray. The story takes us to France in 1963.

Anne, a promising student, becomes pregnant. She decides to have an abortion, ready to do anything to dispose of her body and her future. She engages alone in a race against time, defying the law. The exams are approaching, her belly is rounding up. Anamaria Vartolomei, interpreter of Anne, is named in the best hope category for her performance.

After France in 1963, we head to the Philippines in the 1940s with Onoda, directed by Arthur Harari. This fresco of 2 hours 47 landed on July 21 in theaters. It is therefore already on sale on Blu-ray/DVD and VOD.

The story takes place at the end of 1944. Japan is losing the war. On the orders of the mysterious Major Taniguchi, the young Hiroo Onoda is sent to an island in the Philippines just before the American landing.

The handful of soldiers he trains in the jungle soon discover the unknown doctrine that will bind them to this man: the Secret War. For the Empire, the war is about to end. For Onoda, it will end 10,000 nights later.

Change of register with the last work nominated for best film: La Fracture by Catherine Corsini. Released on October 27 at the cinema, this shocking story taking place on a night in the Emergency Room will be available on Blu-ray/DVD on March 16.

See you on February 25 to find out the big winner of the 2022 César awards. Who will succeed Albert Dupontel’s Adieu les cons? Answer in a month.

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