Cely’s Turtle Video Blows Up On TikTok With 47M Views

Love Island USA star Cely Vazquez has gone viral on TikTok. A turtle video posted by the reality TV star has already gotten over 47 million views.

Love Island USA star Cely Vazquez is now a TikTok sensation after her latest turtle video went viral on the social media platform. The fans truly fell in love with Cely on Love Island USA season 2. While it is true that many viewers wanted Cely Vaquez to find love with Johnny Middlebrooks and for Justine Ndiba to find love with Caleb Corprew, the real power couple on the show came in the form of Cely and Justine’s friendship.

As popular reality TV stars from Love Island, Cely and Justine landed ambassador contracts with Rihanna’s company Savage X Fenty. They’ve worked with different sponsors as well, as they build up their social media platforms and grow their following. Best of all, Cely and Justine are still the best of friends – always supporting each other and collaborating via their social media profiles. As they keep growing, it was only a matter of time for Cely to end up going viral with one of her videos or pictures.

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Now, Cely Vazquez has officially gone viral with her latest TikTok video, where she appears to have spontaneously purchased a turtle. The video starts with Cely’s sister saying that they “literally went to the store for one thing.” Cely then walks into the car holding a container and announcing that she got herself a turtle. “I’mma name her taquito,” Cely reveals. As of this writing, Cely’s hilarious turtle video has already gotten 47 million views. As a result, Cely’s TikTok profile has now grown to nearly 600,000 followers and a whopping 15 million likes.

Like with anything that goes viral on TikTok, the numbers keep on rising on Cely’s page, and it is largely with a group of people that probably don’t even know her from Love Island USA at all. The turtle video is indeed hilarious, and it also seems genuinely spontaneous rather than something that was staged. Credit also goes out to Cely’s sister for her impeccable timing when setting up her sister to come into the video.

The Love Island USA fans are happy to see that more people are getting to know and like Cely, who was a true star on the show. From the looks of it, Cely has a bright future as a TikToker.

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