Do you prefer 60Hz OLED or high refresh rate LCD?

Phones with a high refresh rate have been around since the Razer Phone in late 2017, but the technology gained a ton of popularity in 2019 and 2020. Now, many flagships offer 90Hz or 120Hz displays, while even some budget phones offer this option. High refresh rates allow smoother viewing … More here

New leak offers a fresh look at Google’s ‘Sabrina’ Android TV remote

WinFuture has released new pictures of the upcoming Chromecast-based Android TV dongle and the associated remote control from Google. The supplied remote control has a different button layout than in previous pictures. In particular, it lacks a customizable star button. We’ve seen images from Google’s Android TV dongle with Sabrina … More here

Future Huawei phones could sport rear cameras arranged in a cross

Huawei might consider a new design for the rear camera array on its phones. The design, discovered in patent applications, is reminiscent of D-pads on game controllers. The device also has an under-screen selfie camera and a headphone jack. We got used to the recent Huawei camera array designs, which … More here

Here’s when the OnePlus 8T could launch

The OnePlus 8T is slated to hit the market next month. According to reports, an online launch similar to the OnePlus Nord can be expected. There is no indication that the 8T is supported by the 8T Pro. According to new information, the OnePlus 8T will hit the market on … More here

US bans WeChat, TikTok from app stores

US bans WeChat TikTok from app stores: The U.S. government said it would ban TikTok until September 15 if an agreement wasn’t reached by then. The emerging video platform then announced a partnership with Oracle pending US approval. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem enough to save it from sanctions. The US Department … More here

OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro updates in one place

Update: September 18, 2020 (6 a.m. ET): A new open beta build for Oxygen OS is available for OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro. OnePlus announced the launch of Open Beta 8 in a forum post. The patch brings minor bug fixes for notifications and the screen recorder as well … More here

Opening date, iPhone trade-ins, and more!

Apple will finally launch its online shop in India on September 23. It offers Apple Care Plus, trade-ins, and student discounts. Free online “Today at Apple” sessions are also hosted. After years of trying to get into the Indian retail sector, Apple is finally set to open an official online … More here