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Common iPhone 11 Problems and How to Fix Them

While the attention of most Apple observers and iPhone users has been riveted on the newly released and upcoming iPhone 12 series, customers who bought and still own the iPhone 11 have been looking forward to wrapping up the issues that made last year’s new phone experience somewhat less than perfect. For …

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Best Cheap MacBook Deals for May 2021

cheap macbook deals

If you love the sleek simplicity of MacOS and can’t navigate today’s mobile landscape without a good laptop, then there’s only one game in town: the venerable MacBook. Apple’s iconic laptop has been the trusty standby of professionals, students, techies, and average people for decades, but even if you’ve never …

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The Best Smart Speakers for 2021

Sonos Streaming Music Stereo

The Sonos One is the best smart speaker you can buy. Despite being released a couple of years ago, it’s a contender that’s tough to overlook even with all the competition from big players such as Google, Amazon, and Apple. It’s not often you find something that supports both Amazon …

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The Best 144Hz Monitors for 2021

There are lots of exciting features about modern monitors for gamers, but one of the most impactful is a high refresh rate. It makes everything look smoother and can even make you a better gamer by improving the rate at which your inputs are recognized. 60Hz is the standard, but …

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