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Make Money with ‘Bricks and Sticks’ Commercial Real Estate

Bricks and Sticks

Bricks and Sticks: One of the quietest corners of the real estate market. Investment opportunities for ‘Bricks and Sticks’ have been few and far between, especially during the recession. Now though, with the economy turning around. With our local real estate market rebounding and the forecast looking good. Banks are …

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How Old Are The Other Renters?

How Old Are The Other Renters

In apartments for rent, there could be others who are staying in the apartment with you. This situation does not refer to tenants who are not on the lease, but those people who are very near the tenant. For example, if the apartment is a four-unit building and you have …

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Building REO Properties – A Real Treasure Hunt

Building REO Properties

Buying REO properties can be a real treasure hunt, but one that is fraught with peril. This is because the process of turning these properties from repossessions to REO involves a lengthy amount of time, effort, and energy. We want to look at the many steps to be taken in …

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