Nose Piercing Bump: Causes and How To Treat Them

Nose Piercing Bump: 6 Causes and How To Treat Them | AuthorityTattoo

The last thing you expect to see after piercing your nose is a strange looking bump. When you see a nose piercing develop, you are quite worried because it is not 100 percent what you were going for. However, there is nothing to worry about. By the end of this …

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Ears Pierced?

Ear piercing is the most common perforation. Due to their popularity, you have a lot of options as to where to get your ears pierced. Of course, all of those options mean that the cost can vary greatly from place to place. The cost of spraying an ear will depend …

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15 Types of Ear Piercings You Need to Know

Ear piercings

Ear piercings are just one of those style trends which won’t ever venture outside of style. Just a tiny bit of ear jewellery goes astray as it comes to creating a trendy and exceptional outfit. But with many ear piercings out there, things will find just a bit confusing. No …

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Swollen Cartilage Piercings: Causes & Treatment

Written by Dan Hunter on December 15th, 2019Last updated: October 20, 2020 You’re excited about your new piercing and can’t wait to show it off. A few days later, it’s red, swollen, and painful to the touch. What gives? While slight swelling after a cartilage piercing is perfectly normal, extreme …

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Ear Piercing Bleeding: Causes & Treatment

Written by Dan Hunter on January 30th, 2020Last updated: October 20, 2020 Don’t worry if your ear piercing is bleeding. it happens to most of us. If your piercing is new, wait a few days to see if it stops. If the bleeding continues or has any of the symptoms …

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Ear Piercing Care: Cleaning & Aftercare Guide

Getting your ears pierced is something most people choose to do at some point. From young children to adult adults, the idea of ​​being able to wear earrings that compliment your own unique style attracts many people. However, ear piercing should never be overlooked. Sure, your piercer will give you …

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Septum Piercings Everything You Need To Know

Septum piercings everything: There was a second of septum piercing on celebrities such as Jessica Beal and Lady Gaga. And if you’re considering taking a dip because there’s a fake septum piercing such as Rihanna isn’t doing it for you, here’s your all-important intellect on piercing the distance between your …

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Know More About Smiley Piercing (Frenulum)

Smiley piercing

Smiley piercing (also known as the frenulum piercing) pierces the flap of tissue that connects the inside of your upper lip with your upper gum. Need help finding it? Keeping your lips closed, stick your tongue straight upward in front of your teeth. You should feel a thin line of …

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