global pet industry

Global Pet Industry: Rapid Growth Rates Seen In World Pet Markets

Global Pet Industry: Recently, I was talking to strategy consultants who work with a client in the grooming and animal care industry, and here is some of the latest information in this fast-growing and growing industry that may surprise you! Fact # 1: The global pet industry continues to accelerate … More here

Taking Care Of Your Adopted Pet

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Adopted Pet

Owning a pet completes a household. That is the reason you’ll get a range of households seeking to get a pet, make it a cat, a puppy or even a hamster. This is particularly true for households without kids or for families with kids who love animals. If you’re reluctant … More here

How to Get a Free Parrot

How to Get a Free Parrot

If you are looking for free parrots, you may find many advertisements in local newspapers given by pet owners, who are willing to offer their pets at lower prices. Owners are often unable to take care of their animals due to financial problems or cannot devote sufficient time to them. … More here

How to Take Care of Pets

How To Take Care Of Your New Pet

If you are a new pet owner, you may feel overwhelmed by the task ahead. After all, taking care of animals is more than giving them food at the right time. There are simple things you can do to make them feel loved, accepted and comfortable in their new environment. … More here

Health Insurance For Pets

Cheap Pet Medications

A large part of pet care involves providing adequate medication. This can be a very expensive process. Pet owners can save money with discount drugs. It cannot. of course. be used in an emergency as it may take a few days to reach you. However, you can buy long-term medication, … More here

Pet Sitters Wanted

Pet Sitters Wanted

WANTED: PET SITTER YOU SELDOM SEE CAPTIONS LIKE THIS AND IT IS NOT BECAUSE SUCH OPPORTUNITIES ARE RARE but because they are special. Many households want to leave their pets at home to take the vacation they’ve always dreamed of, but they don’t want to leave their precious package alone … More here

Caring for Your Rabbit

With long ears, a tense nose and a swollen ball tail, rabbits have long been a popular pet. Caring for your pet rabbit can be time consuming, but if done right it will give you the affections of a beloved family member. Choosing the right crib: indoors or outdoors In … More here

Health Care For Your Pet Dog

Health Care For Your Pet Dog

Are you preparing to bring a dog into your life? If you are, the health of your new pet will undoubtedly be one of your main dog care concerns and responsibilities. So what does optimal dog health involve? What can you do to keep your dog happy and healthy for … More here

Life's Abundance Review

Life’s Abundance Review – More Than Just Pet Food!

A third-party review of Life’s Abundance, a company offering three different product categories: people, the planet, and pets. The company was founded by Dennis and Carol Berardi in 1999. It was originally called Trilogy International, Inc. In 2005, George and Cris Jochum became majority shareholders of the company. They ensured … More here