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What’s The Best Way To Use CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a derivative of the hemp plant and a popular wellness product that can be used in…

2 weeks ago

6 Alternative Options to Smoking Cannabis

As the stigma of cannabis evaporates, millions of people are suddenly willing to give it a try. However, not everyone…

2 weeks ago

The Top Jobs in Big Data

The world of data analytics has been growing by leaps and bounds. The future of the business world is going…

1 month ago

New York legislature votes to halt facial recognition tech in schools for two years – TipsClear

New York State voted this week to suspend all implementation of facial recognition technology in schools for two years. The…

3 months ago

This startup reworked its privacy-friendly sensors to help battle COVID-19 – TipsClear

A little-known home and retail automation start-up may seem like an unlikely candidate to help tackle the ongoing pandemic. But…

3 months ago

The Not Company, a maker of plant-based meat and dairy substitutes in Chile, will soon be worth $250M – TipsClear

The Not Company, Latin America's biggest competitor in the plant-based meat and dairy substitutes market, is set to close an…

3 months ago

Hear how three startups are approaching quantum computing differently at TC Disrupt 2020 – TipsClear

Quantum computing is at an interesting point. He's about to be mature enough to solve real problems. But like in…

3 months ago

TikTok unveils $200 million fund for U.S. creators – TipsClear

TIC Tac today announced a $ 200 million fund, intended to help top America's designers supplement their income and potentially…

3 months ago

StuffThatWorks nabs $9M for crowdsourced insights on health conditions – TipsClear

Waze has turned the boating world upside down by taking the approach of combining basic map data with participatory feedback…

3 months ago

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