Lin-Manuel Miranda Responds to ‘Hamilton’ Disney+ Backlash

Hamilton was put online on Disney + the weekend of July 4. Lin-Manuel Miranda has been criticized for some of the content in the musical, some claiming that it glorifies slavery. Lin-Manuel responded to criticism a few days later, saying that everyone’s opinion was valid. If you had nothing to … More here

Walmart and Target Senior Hours

At the start of the coronavirus epidemic, many big box retailers and grocery stores changed their hours, cleaning procedures and delivery options to meet customer needs. But after growing concern for those most sensitive to COVID-19, the big chains, including Walmart, Target and Safeway, have announced that they will set … More here

How to Watch and Stream ‘Hair Love’ for Free

Before Hair Love won big at 92nd Academy Awards, former NFL player Matthew A. Cherry told the powerful story of his New York times the best-selling children’s book of the same name. Now, five months after winning the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film 2020, HBO Max continues the story … More here

100 Most Popular Baby Names 2020

Emma and Liam are currently the most popular baby names in the United States. The Social Security Administration has also released a list of baby names, which are rapidly increasing in popularity. TV shows, the royal family, and the tendency to choose shorter names are some of the trends that … More here