Best smart home products for 2020 that aren’t made by Google or Amazon

Google and Amazon dominate the smart home market. Beyond Amazon’s growing roster of Echo smart speakers, the tech giant also owns home security brands Ring and Blink — and Wi-Fi router brand Eero. Smart thermostat maker Ecobee gets funding from Amazon. Google owns Nest and brought the company further under its control … More here

The best facial recognition cameras of 2020

Select home security cameras have facial recognition that allows you to create a database of friends and family members who come to your home on a regular basis. Then, when the camera sees a face, it will determine whether or not it is someone in your familiar faces profile. The … More here

Best indoor home security cameras of 2020

There are many Home security cameras available nowadays including Video doorbells, Outdoor cameras and models with face recognition. Inside Security cameras are your watchful eyes when you’re gone takes care of your valuables – or just a security camera to keep an eye on a mischievous pet. They range in … More here

This 25-in-1 survival gear kit can be yours for $20

If only someone taught me to fish now. Famistar I may have already mentioned my newfound love for Alone, the History Channel series that is part Survivor and part Survivorman. One thing made it very clear: I would never make it there. When I was alone in the wild, it … More here

Best budget home security cameras to buy this year

Some of the Security cameras I recommend are expensive, but there are a growing number of great choices that cost a lot less. Here is my curated list of the best cheap home security cameras that are priced at or under $ 100. These three cheap home security cameras offer … More here