Best blenders of 2020: NutriBullet, Ninja, Oster and more

A staple kitchen appliance for decades, blenders top wishlists for weddings, graduations and housewarming parties. They’re your best bet if you want a quick smoothie or a frozen beverage, and you can even use them to chop, grind or mix dry ingredients. Blenders aren’t necessarily a luxury item, but start … More here

Best office chair of 2020

For someone who sits most of the work day, I’ve never given much thought to office chairs. In front quarantine I started in March and spent most of my work in the Tips Clear Smart Home, a house where we test Security cameras, smart speakers and other products. I submitted … More here

5 best ways to use Amazon Echo in the kitchen

Alexa can be helpful in the kitchen. Chris Monroe / Tips Clear You used yours Amazon Echo for kitchen basics, from setting hands-free timers to listen to music while cooking. But there are so many other ways Alexa can take your cooking experience to the next level. For example, Alexa … More here

Best alarm clocks for 2020

Alarm clocks remind me of referees — they’re necessary, but I still tend to get annoyed at them for doing their jobs. You need to be reliably woken up on time every day, but it’s still irritating to be roused from a restful night’s sleep by a repeated buzzing sound next to … More here