Midcentury Modern Furniture Design

The period between the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the 1960s brought a period of optimism and prosperity to America. John F. Kennedy becomes president, a man flies into space and it seemed like a time when anything was possible. Gio Ponti and Carlo di …

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How Furniture Design Has Changed in the Last 100 Years

How Furniture Design Has Changed

How Furniture Design Has Changed: The needs and wants of consumers have changed a whole lot over time. This is evident with all that has changed in technology, vehicles, fashion, and home decor. Every aspect of consumer buying has been marked by a constant change in design. Consumers may not …

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The Best Memorial Day 2020 Furniture Sales

You may be thinking of creative ways to celebrate Memorial Day this year, but be sure to take advantage of all the major furniture and home decor sales that will be too good to give up. Last year, retailers offered significant discounts on home products, mattresses, kitchen appliances and more. …

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