Tips for Buying a Car Bed

When you have kids, you should make sure that their bedroom is a place for fun and laughter, and that it should be a place where they enjoy spending time. If you don’t have enough room for a playroom or nursery in your home, your child’s bedroom can double as …

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A Sleigh Bed Frame Can Work Wonders For Your Interiors

If you are thinking of redesigning your interior and making room for some new furniture, it may be time to reconsider your options for bedroom furniture too. However, it depends on your personal setting and what makes you feel comfortable in your sleeping space. Deciding what you should sleep on …

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All That Casual Elegance With Solid Wood Platform Beds

Platform beds have become the undisputed favorites and the main reason, perhaps, is their unique ability to combine randomness and elegance. The low structure of the bed reminds us of those days when we loved to camp in our courtyards and simply enjoy the feeling of the earth against our …

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Taking a Look Into the History of Sleigh Beds

The sleigh beds are very reminiscent of the sledges of the ancient era. That’s how they got their name. They have platforms and curved heads and on the whole they have a strong resemblance to the ancient horse-drawn sleighs. Traditionally, they were made of wood. People placed them right in …

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Metal Bunk Beds Vs Wood Bunk Beds

When it comes to bunk beds, there are many styles and models to choose from, but what is the best solution for you? There are many different types of bunk beds to choose from between twin beds, full twin beds, solid full beds, staircases, among other types. That said, your …

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The Ancient and Renaissance History of Beds

History of Beds

The background of beds and beds is as outdated as the growth of man himself. Because so long as people have been around they’ve searched for a cozy place to rest their minds. The early history of these beds The ancient beds of the contemporary individual being consisted of merely …

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Tips On How To Care For Leather Bed Frames

How To Care For Leather Bed Frames

It’s often a challenge once the instructions supplied with all the furniture are much less specific and enlightening as the owners want them to be. Bear in mind that the upkeep of leather frames is determined by the maintenance of a wooden framework and timeless beds. This manual is to …

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