Emmy 2020: all nominations

Yesterday, July 28, nominations were revealed to Emmy 2020. The Oscars for television, which every year crown the TV series and the programs that triumphed over the season, in 2020 decided to give an important signal. In fact, never as in this edition of the Emmy, the nominations saw the …

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Tips Clear house. Carimate by Vico Magistretti

The celebrations for the centenary of Vico Magistretti (1920-2006) are, if ever needed, proposing one of the most interesting figures of the architectural project of the past century. For those who know little about it and who at most know how to cite the Eclisse light by Artemide or the …

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Body scrub before depilation: why do it and how

Among the many tips on how to prepare for waxing, one in particular should always be followed: body scrub before hair removal. Take some time exfoliation in fact it has the ability to make the operation really easier, more effective and faster Waxing, razor or cream? Pros and cons of …

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