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What is HBO Max? Pricing, content, and more

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What is HBO Max? HBO has been the king of exclusive subscription content for nearly 50 years now, currently operating seven 24-hour channels filled with high-quality original and licensed content. The company took its first steps into the digital age with HBO Now five years ago, which laid the groundwork …

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Superher Set an Example for Becoming Heroic


Superhero stories are often focused on a seemingly “normal” person who faces a significant turning point that leads to the growth of superpowers and a change of heart. Most superheroes learn to think of others before themselves while supervillains make the opposite change. There’s an importance to these superhero origin …

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The best Christmas movies worth watching today

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Best Christmas movies: Merry Christmas Eve! For those that celebrate Christmas, this holiday season is filled with family, friends, and of course, presents. Many celebrate the season by eating lots of food, exchanging gifts, and for many it’s traditional to watch their favorite Christmas movies. Some of the best Christmas …

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New Star Wars shows coming to Disney Plus


The Rise of Skywalker is the last Star Wars feature film from Disney until at least late 2023. However, fans of the sci-fi/fantasy franchise will still get plenty of new live-action content over the next few years. That’s because there are a ton of upcoming Disney Plus Star Wars shows …

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