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Naya Rivera Reported Missing: Updates

Naya Rivera Reported Missing:¬†Really sad news this morning: Joy Actress Naya Rivera was missing following a boat trip with her son Josey on Wednesday, July 8. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, which made a statement to We weekly, Naya hired a motorboat for a three-hour trip on Lake …

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35 Motivational Alex Rodriguez Quotes (2020)

Motivational Alex Rodriguez Quotes

Motivational Alex Rodriguez Quotes: What are your favorite quotes from Alex Rodriguez? Alex Rodriguez is an American professional baseball player from the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. He was involved in baseball from an early age and is considered one of the best baseball players that American baseball …

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Epstein: Prince Andrew will be questioned


It has never happened before: the police of a foreign state who puts an English royal into a criminal investigation. It happens today, with the Jeffrey Epstein case overwhelming Prince Andrew, third son of Queen Elizabeth II. Second when learning from The Sun, the US Department of Justice, in an …

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Tiziano Ferro interviews Lady Gaga

Tiziano Ferro and Lady Gaga

Tiziano Ferro and Lady Gaga: the exclusive interview. From the exciting comparison, full of reflections on music, God, suffering, and Italy, an exclusive radio interview for RTL 102.5 and press for Vanity Fair Italy was born. A meeting between two kindred souls, the one between Gaga and Titian, which took …

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