5 Essential Planning Tips to Help Your Business Survive the Pandemic

Business Planning: Despair, gloom, isolation, depression … words we’ve been hearing during this global pandemic. With the current state of a depressed economy, many small business owners feel as though there is no need to plan ahead. Their idea is to just endure these uncertain times as best as possible, … More here

How to Monetize a Popular Blog

Creating a popular blog is no easy feat, but once you have one, you’ll have many options for how to monetize it. Monetization, in case you aren’t familiar, just means you’ll be using your existing traffic to generate revenue in some meaningful way. As you might imagine, each monetization strategy … More here

The Key to Keeping Customers Happy and Coming Back

By Dean Horsfield The idea behind creating a highly functional customer experience appears to be simple enough: Process, Product, and Price are three pieces of the puzzle that for years created the best customer experience. Process: Brands need friendly customer service, an easy to navigate website, and industry leading technology; … More here

14 Unique Ways to Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

Brand loyalty is a key component of marketing in the twenty-first century. Thanks to social media, which gives companies the ability to interact directly with consumers, brand loyalty has become easier to achieve than ever before. To help companies get started with a social media plan, we asked 14 successful … More here

How to Protect Your Small Business From Today’s Cybersecurity Threats

By Akshay Bhargava A data breach can be immobilizing, especially for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Not only can the cost be crippling, the long-term impact on a company’s viability may be impossible to reverse. Especially now, during a time where SMBs are already under tremendous financial, staff, and resource … More here

Tips for Staying Sane While Working From Home With Your Partner and Kids

Lately, many entrepreneurs find themselves commiserating as they face prolonged periods of working from home. They miss the interaction with team members and clients. Many may be struggling with keeping their wits about them while spending an unprecedented amount of time with their significant others and children, who also have … More here