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Best Ammonia Free Hair Colors In India

Ammonia Free Hair Colors In India

Sometimes, using hair dye becomes unavoidable. It might be to cover grays, because of a dye job gone wrong, or simply for a change. But the one thing that keeps us from taking the plunge and going for it is the presence of harmful chemicals in the dye. To be …

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3 DIY Foot Peels To Save Your Cracked Heels, From Derms

DIY Foot Peels

Let’s chat about foot take care of a second. As the thicker pores and skin is ready to face up to trauma (friction from working, too-tight footwear, and simply total bumps and dings), you may brush it off as an afterthought. Callused, cracked heels are simply inevitable, proper? Wrong! For easy, crack-free …

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How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

“How often should I wash my hair?” is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions to hairdressers on a daily basis. But there isn’t necessarily a simple answer. Just like you would use a different shampoo for different hair (and scalp) types, you also follow a different set of …

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9 Best Press-on Nails of 2020

We all want a perfectly polished manicure. But going to a salon can be time-consuming – and nail art can be tricky. Enter the classic snap nails. These false nails are “a great way to add length without commitment and a long application life,” says Betina Goldstein, a nail artist …

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20 Popular Feather Cut Hairstyles for Women

Feather Cut Hairstyles for Women

We all love to experiment and flaunt new styles. Here we come with new feather haircut styles. The feather haircut is in trend from a decade back and now again back in fashion with a bang. They are often confused with that of step and layered haircut, however, the feather …

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15 Modern Eyelet Curtain Designs With Pictures

Modern Eyelet Curtain Designs

Have you ever heard of eyelet curtains? Many curtains can be found available in the market, however eyelet curtains create deep folds for the material, forming a uniform line from high to backside. These tender pleats add a dramatic character to the fantastic thing about your trendy interiors. Available in …

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4 staycation deals in Singapore under $100

4 staycation deals in S'pore under $100

Since there’s a lot hassle to journey now, many Singaporeans are turning to migration for aid from their on a regular basis routine. Even with the $ 100 Singapo RideScover vouchers the residents will obtain from subsequent month, visitors should shell out at the least 200 {dollars} for 4 and …

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