Cast Members Who Accused The Show Of Being Scripted

Some 90 Day Fiance alums have spoken up, alleging that scenes are heavily edited or outright scripted. Find out what they have to say about the show.

It’s true that 90 Day Fiancé is a guilty pleasure for a lot of people. Its everyday twists and turns (and constant controversies) often lead viewers to wonder if it’s scripted. The TLC show’s unique concept has given reality TV many memorably chaotic couples, not to mention several scandalous spin-offs. Fans who wonder if the drama at the core of 90 Day Fiancé action is real should know that several cast members have said that the show is allegedly staged.

Since its premiere in 2014, 90 Day Fiancé has hooked viewers with its cast, stories, and diversity. Couples navigate life’s highs and lows, and cameras follow these pairs from their beginnings to their weddings and beyond. However, no episode of the TLC franchise’s 18 shows (some of which now are now streaming on Discover+) is without a truckload of drama. For example, 90 Day Fiancé season 8 has fans wondering if the fights between the couples (who are likely to end up conveniently marrying in the finale) are manufactured. The conversation about most 90 Day Fiancé season 8 cast members (including Natalie Mordovtseva and Zied Hakimi) having acting background raises more eyebrows, and so do the statements of former cast members who say the show is scripted.

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Mohamed Jbali

Danielle Mullins Mohamed Jbali In 90 Day Fiance

They were the original toxic couple of 90 Day Fiancé, but Mohamed and Danielle Jbali may be friends now. For a long time, their divorce drama kept fans entertained. For his divorce, Mohamed had to visit the Erie County Common Pleas Court in 2017. That’s where Judge Tygh Tone granted him a divorce from 90 Day: The Single Life star Danielle. Truck driver Mohamed, who had no intention of staying in America back then, had to prove he didn’t marry Danielle for a Green Card.

To do so, he revealed that he had to film the divorce scene twice. In a video shared on his Facebook page, Mohamed said, “I am going to put the same clothes on and redo the scenes for the courthouse. I’m going to do that today until noon.” It appeared that producers didn’t film everything on Day 1, so Mohamed had to go back and redo the scene all over again.

Michael Jessen & His Ex-Wife Sarah

Michael Jessen, Juliana Custodio and Sarah 90 Day Fiancé

Wine expert Michael invited a lot of controversy into his life by showcasing his relationship with Juliana (who is 20 years his junior) on 90 Day Fiancé season 7. What made their questionable marriage even more scandalous was a prenup suggested by Michael’s ex-wife Sarah, who was shown to be suspicious of Juliana’s motives. However, SoapDirt has written that the cringe-worthy scene was “scripted.” Producers allegedly asked Michael and Juliana (who are still together today) and Michael’s ex-wife Sarah to discuss the prenuptial agreement, despite their reservations.

I was confused about why they were telling me to ask him (Michael) about the prenup,” Sarah had revealed. Meanwhile, InTouch wrote that 90 Day Fiancé star Michael had posted, “This is the biggest bunch of manufactured bullsh*t … shame on you Sharp Entertainment and TLC.” He added that there were “distortions of concepts” and misinterpretations that had been affecting their lives.

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Deavan Clegg

Deavan In 90 Day Fiance

Although Deavan and Jihoon Lee’s marriage ended before their 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 finale, the couple still managed to spark controversies. It was a scene involving Deavan’s daughter Drascilla running into moving traffic in South Korea which seemed to make the relationship crumble. Back in November 2020, Deavan claimed on Instagram that her on-screen portrayal is false. “You know the show is scripted right?” Topher Park’s girlfriend had replied to a fan.

Deavan also alleged that “editing can make things look more dramatized.” The mother of two spoke about her daughter’s edits, which she was not happy with. She described the whole editing situation as “disgusting” and “disheartening.” The Utah native also claimed she was getting paid too little, and that the editing was putting her “family’s life in danger.”

Chris Thieneman & Nikki Cooper

Although marriage problems are a thing of the past in David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan Toborowsky’s life, the fan-favorite couple had given 90 Day Fiancé one of its most disgusting scenes in season 5. David’s friends Chris (with whom he and Annie had to stay due to his financial problems) had asked her if she could help around the house. The conversation turned creepy when he also wanted to know if David’s true love Annie could give him Thai massages by the poolside.  According to InTouch, Nikki had later revealed that while they never got paid for filming, the rooftop scene was also filmed multiple times as they “were fed” the lines. Nikki, who wasn’t under contract, admitted that the awkward scene “was SCRIPTED,” and Chris accepted that he “never felt comfortable saying that.”

David Murphey’s Ex Lana

While David’s mysterious Ukrainian girlfriend Svetlana on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 4 was deemed a fake by many, her reveal on the show still came across as fishy. Fans argued that Lana was scamming David, as he confessed to having spent $100,000 in order to chat with her on a Russian website for seven years. Surprisingly, David and Lana got engaged in the finale, with him immediately hinting at a break-up in the Tell All. However, Lana who never spoke English on 90 Day Fiancé, shocked fans by communicating fluently in English on her Cameo. The TLC celeb also revealed on her IG that she works in “law enforcement.” Later, Lana shocked many by claiming that the engagement was “just for the show” and also that it was “90% scripted.”

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Andrew Kenton

Andrew Kenton In 90 Day Fiance 5

The Californian daycare dude Andrew Kenton was renamed “DBag” by many 90 Day Fiancé fans. He got this moniker after viewers saw his shenanigans with Amira Lollysa on season 8. Ever since his first episode was aired on TLC, Andrew has alluded to being unhappy with the show’s edit, which made him “look pretty dorky.” Andrew shared in an Instagram post that his tennis session scene was “carefully” edited with “that goofy music.”

Additionally, the 90 Day Fiancé newbie also used the term “frankenbiting” to explain that the Mexico loophole was not his “discovery” but Amira’s, as revealed by InTouch. The term refers to a show’s producer deciding to “improve” a storyline by using “highly selective editing” to fit a certain narrative. As Andrew maintains that his 90 Day Fiancé co-star Amira is a “fame-hungry liar,” fans are curious about what other revelations the scorned lover will reveal, until fans find out the status of his reality TV relationship.

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