27 Inspirational Cartilage Piercing and Jewelry Examples


Have you been contemplating on getting a cartilage piercing? Getting your ear pierced is an easy process but there are many things to consider before getting one. Knowing more about cartilage piercing is necessary to ensure you know what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

  • Can effectively destroy any bacteria from your piercing.
  • Cleans and disinfects your cartilage piercing.
  • Quickly heals new and stretched piercings!
  • Works well on all skin types.

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Cartilage Piercing Aftercare Tips

By following these aftercare tips for cartilage piercing, you can expect it to heal faster. We have compiled this list based on years of knowledge along with feedback from our readers. We hope this helps you heal your piercing quicker and easier than ever before!

  • Avoid touching your piercing at all times. Touching your piercing unnecessarily can result in infections or other irritabilities.
  • Before cleaning your piercing or handling your jewelry, you should wash your hands first.
  • Never sleep on your piercing. You could snag the jewelry in your bed linens, which could hurt or permanently damage your piercing.
  • Use a saline solution in cleaning your cartilage piercing daily.
  • Cartilage piercing aftercare swimming should not be done right away. Ask your piercer for guidelines on how long you should wait before taking a dip.
  • You should not pick at any formed crust. Remember that scab formation is normal and necessary for healing. Meddling with the area will only prolong the process.
  • Cartilage piercing aftercare twisting is not advisable. This could introduce new bacteria into your freshly pierced area, causing potential infection and discomfort.

Commonly Asked Cartilage Piercing Questions

If you still have lingering questions, you are not alone. We have found that many of our readers still have inquiries left after reading our posts. In order to offer you more support, we have compiled a list here of our most commonly asked cartilage piercing questions.

What is the best way to clean my new cartilage piercing?

There are many ways that you can go about cleaning the area, but perhaps the best is by using antibacterial soap. Make sure not to twist the piercing or use heavily scented soaps, since this can cause irritation or infection.

Can I sleep on a cartilage piercing?

Because of the area, the cartilage piercing is, it can be difficult to avoid laying on the area if you aren’t prepared. It is important to note that sleeping on your new piercing can cause infection or permanent damage. If you cannot avoid rolling over in the night, consider investing in a donut pillow that will protect your ear from snagging on covers or coming into contact with bacteria.

Is it okay to get a cartilage piercing with a piercing gun?

We strongly recommend against getting a cartilage piercing with a gun. This method of piercing uses blunt force to push a dull object through your ear. Best case scenario, you will have a piercing that takes much longer to heal and is extremely painful. On the other hand, you could shatter your cartilage, permanently damaging the area.

Is it dangerous to get a cartilage piercing?

As long as you go to a licensed piercer with experience, the risk is rather low when getting a piercing. The issue comes in when you get pierced at home or another unsanitary environment, or when you neglect to properly care for your piercing. Pay close attention to these areas and you should be just fine.

Cartilage Piercing Final Thoughts

Conquering your fear with the piercing process myths can only be done if you are aware of the real expectations. Go ahead and get your ears pierced. Enjoy a wonderful change and a new look with safety and proper sanitation. If you want to learn more about cartilage piercingcheck out other types of it at Awesome Helix Piercing Jewelry Inspirations, Inner & Outer Conch Piercing Inspirational Examples, and Unique Tragus Piercing Examples with Tragus Info Guide.


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