Carrier leak suggests iPhone 12 release in late October with 5G

iPhone 12 Leak Lineup Renderer

  • A carrier leak supports rumors that the iPhone 12 will hit 5G in late October.
  • Pre-orders will end on October 20th, although it’s not certain when the phone will ship.

Apple said its next iPhones would be weeks late due to the pandemic and rumors of 5G support have gotten around. Now, however, a leak seems to have both narrowed down the iPhone 12’s release date (or whatever it may be called) and supported rumors that the new phones would be 5G-ready.

Well-known tipster has Evan Blass sent The promo is clearly early and has more than just a few placeholders. However, she advises that pre-orders will end on October 20th. This suggests a possible October 23 launch with Apple’s preference for Friday releases.

iPhone 12 Carrier Ad 5g release date

The ad also states that the iPhone 12 supports 5G and urges customers to “be the first to see it on the carrier’s network”. This isn’t a shocking revelation, but so far there has been no direct evidence that the iPhone 12 will be 5G capable – only reports from credible sources.

You’ll also find a mention of the Apple Watch Series 6, though there’s nothing to see other than its name.

Apple is slated to host a virtual media event on September 15 and may mention the iPhone 12 range there. However, if the leak is correct it would be about a month before it was released. Otherwise, you might wait until mid-October to learn more.

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The company would come relatively late to 5G, which first started with the reach of phones in 2019. It’s a staple for high-end Android phones released in 2020 and it’s starting to hit mid-range devices.

However, there are fewer waiting times than for LTE (which only arrived with the iPhone 5 in September 2012). The timing could also be more appropriate. Carriers’ 5G networks are only now being expanded, and the earliest 5G phones made significant compromises in terms of battery life and design. Do you remember how you had to buy the biggest Galaxy S10 to get 5G? If the iPhone 12 ships with 5G, it may come right when wireless technology makes its move.

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