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Career as a Pharmacy Technician

Those who are thinking about working in the prescription drug stores field have a wide variety of specializations to choose from. Those interested in becoming a technician can expect that choice during their educational program. It is possible to get a good deal of training available on-the-job, but a four-year college degree is required by all pharmacy technicians. During the academic process, students will be trained in all of the different systems, where they will learn the technical responsibilities of the career.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that this is an area that will grow considering the numbers of the senior population and its prediction to grow. With the increase in enrollments, will there be a shortage of people in this field? Many experts indicate that yes, there will be, and that it is a field that will continue to grow. So whether you are thinking about a career as a pharmacy technician or would like to make the leap into it, understanding both the hard and the benefits of the field can be advantageous.

Career as a Pharmacy Technician
Career as a Pharmacy Technician

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that the need for technicians will grow exponentially and predicts that this will happen within the next 8 years. This should provide a wide variety of opportunities for those who are interested in the field. In 2010, the median annual wage for pharmacy technicians was $11.10. By 2018, it willHave grown to $20.06.

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Higher Salaries

In addition to higher salaries, technicians are often paid into a uniform by their employer. They also have atier one pay rate, which is the base pay rate that is paid to the technicians with less than 50 experience. For those with over 50 experience, the tier one pay rate will increase to $13.19 per hour. The tier two rate will be $21.28 per hour, while tier three will be $25.09 per hour.

These salaries are also dependent upon where you choose to work. Some places pay a lot more than others, and you may have to consider where you want to live and how long you want to work. For example, pharmacies that are located in large cities pay likely higher salaries than those in smaller towns.

Pharmacy technician

Those interested in the field of pharmacy technician should receive the training and certifications that are available to them. Preparatory courses can be completed in a short period of time, while more in-depth courses may take more as many months. The PTCB certifies those that have met a certain level of educational achievement and have passed a certification exam. These certifications will likely be useful to those that are looking for either a part-time or full-time job when they complete high school. They will also be useful for those who are attending graduations and wanting to have a generalized understanding of how to become a pharmacy Technician.


The Institute for Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) have credentials for those that are interested in becoming a pharmacy technician. The level of education that is required in order to earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) diploma is: foundations in chemistry, pharmacology, and pharmacy related courses; and two years of supervised experience working in a pharmacy. Additionally, it is necessary to have the AAS diploma and the registration to practice in the state.


In some states, the certification is reciprocal. States like Texas and California have a agreement with each other whereby the pharmacy technician can obtain the licensed and register with the sending state. They also have a program whereby a pharmacy technician can earn the pharmacy technician certificate and also acquire the responsibilities of a technician. There are also programs in most states that can work your towards becoming certified and also help you in the process of finding a job.

Customer Service

A career as a pharmacy technician is stimulating and very rewarding. There is something to do with customer service that is satisfying to almost all customers. There is excitement in knowing that you are helping people maintain their healthy habits. How often do you get to help people that have a great need and you have a chance to be a significant part in their overall success? Like any career there are some drawbacks and some challenges. You have to be prepared for the challenges and hurdles along the way. Decide before you jump into this career whether you are prepared to overcome those challenges. I hope so because you are about to introduce some challenges to you.

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