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Can You Get Two Tattoos In One Day?

So, have you decided to get a tattoo? You have an appointment, you arrived on time, ready, and you said to yourself; why don’t you get me a second tattoo while I’m at it?

Many have thought about it, but few have dared to do it. Not to mention that the majority of people think it’s quite impossible. Tattoo lovers are known to get a few tattoos in a day or session, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. But this is not possible for everyone!

Therefore, in the following paragraphs we will see if you can get two tattoos a day, if you should do it and how long should you wait between tattoos. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Tattooing Process: Explained

The tattoo process explained
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Get a tattoo

First, it is essential to consider what a tattoo process looks like and how it affects your body by doing just one tattoo.

At a tattoo shop, you will arrive at your appointment/session ready and prepared. Once you are seated, your tattoo artist will prepare the designated tattoo area as well as the design stencil. Depending on the size, location and intricacy of the design, you could be sitting at the tattoo shop between one and several hours or several sessions.

During this time, you will feel pain or discomfort in the best case. You will also feel discomfort from sitting or lying down, but overall, if your tattoo artist is doing a good job, the experience should be pleasant, but also painful.

Now, while you are getting tattooed, the tattoo needle repeatedly penetrates your skin to transfer the ink into the dermis of the skin. The needle can make thousands of penetrations into an area until the area is filled with ink in the desired manner.

As a result, your skin is severely damaged and irritated. The needle can be so intense on the skin, that a a new tattoo is considered a fresh, open wound during the first 24 hours.

Of course, when the body recognizes the damage, the adrenaline spikes and the whole body tries to deal with and minimize the damage or pain. It can be extremely stressful for the body. That’s why you should eat healthy and drink plenty of water before the tattoo session, so that your body has the energy to deal with the “damage”.

Get two tattoos

So, as you can see, sitting in a tattoo session can be quite exhausting for you, your body, and your tattoo artist as well. You always have to focus on managing the pain, which can completely wear you out.

Now imagine getting two tattoos in one session. It would be quite difficult to focus on both sources of pain simultaneously. Pain management is seriously in question, especially if the tattoos are placed in a sensitive location.

Not to mention that now you have to sit or lie down regularly for hours without moving your body at all. This can be tricky, especially if the tattoos are placed somewhere like the thigh or leg, for example.

Another problem could be the fact that there will be two tattoo artists working on you. This can be quite difficult as the tattoo artists then have to deal with each other. First, they will need to be far enough apart to have enough space to move freely, which can be difficult. Your body is as big as it is, and space in tattoo shops isn’t always available.

Also, as one tattoo artist pulls the skin to work on the tattoo, the other artist will do the same. Because of skin tightnessthere may be a problem with the behavior of the skin and if it disrupts the work and placement of the other artist’s tattoo.

So, getting two tattoos done in one session can be incredibly painful and quite inconvenient for you and the tattoo artists.

Getting two tattoos in one day: what to consider?

Make two tattoos in one day
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Pain management and pain threshold

As we mentioned, getting a tattoo twice in one session or one day can be quite painful and uncomfortable for the majority of people. So the first thing to consider, logically, when getting two tattoos is your pain threshold and management.

If you have a lower pain threshold or generally have skin that is more sensitive to pain, getting two tattoos a day might not be the best idea. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, you should also stick to one tattoo per session/day.

You just don’t want to squirm around the chair while tattooing, and you will. This will make it difficult for your tattoo artist(s), which can even prolong the session and the pain.

We think it’s much better to wait long enough between tattoos so that the first tattoo at least begins to heal. If that’s not possible and you just need to get two tattoos a day for some reason, be prepared to endure a lot of pain.

Placement of tattoo(s)

So getting two tattoos isn’t just a problem for you, it’s also a problem for your tattoo artists. This is especially a problem if the two tattoos are placed next to each other.

As mentioned, the two artists must work side by side to complete both of their tattoos in one session. They might not have enough room to move around if the tattoos are placed in the same area of ​​the body.

Also, if the placement is so close, you might experience extreme levels of pain, as a larger area of ​​skin in one region of the body is damaged and irritated at the same time.

The problem is the same even if you get two tattoos in one day. The pain will not disappear in a few hours and the skin may even become more tender and sensitive from the first tattoo. So, you might feel even more pain with the second tattoo than with the first. At this point, your body is also already exhausted, which also lowers your pain threshold.

The cost of the tattoo(s)

Getting a tattoo can be quite expensive. Some people save money for months in order to get their dream tattoo. As you may know, tattoos can cost anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars.

In terms of cost for two tattoos, if they are done in one session, you must consider the following The factors;

  • You will be required to pay and tip based on the combined hourly or regular rate of both artists per session
  • You will have to pay for both tattoos (the price will include the size of the tattoo, the details, the design and if it was originally done by the artists, the coloring, etc.)
  • You will probably have to tip the artists individually (tipping is usually between 15% and 25% of the total cost of the tattoo)

So, as you can see, getting two tattoos can be extremely expensive, especially if the number exceeds $1,000. So, before you decide to get a tattoo twice right away, make sure you consider your budget and the affordability of the tattoos you want to get done.

Schedule and availability of the tattoo artist(s)

When arranging a tattoo appointment, your tattoo artist will adjust their schedule appropriately. The schedule often applies to a single tattoo and depending on the design and complexity of the tattoo, the session will last between one and a few hours.

When it comes to getting two tattoos in one day or session, you must book two different tattoo artists. Unfortunately, you need to be prepared that a tattoo artist might not be available or have a tight schedule.

On the other hand, you should also consider your own availability and schedule. Getting two tattoos per day/session can take up most of your day. So avoid such experiments during working days or when you have a busy schedule.

Tracking tattoos and the risk of infection

If you’ve ever had a tattoo, you know how tricky and special tattoo aftercare can be. The first 24 to 48 hours are crucial, but also the most painful after the tattoo.

Your tattoo is sore, red, irritated, sore, and oozing (the tattoo is releasing excess blood, plasma, and ink). You need to be very careful about how you sleep, shower, and what you wear. A tattoo usually heals in a month or two, depending on size, location, and how you take care of it.

Now imagine having to go through such a process with two tattoos simultaneously. The chances of getting a tattoo infection double in such a case, and it can be quite difficult to follow the right aftercare routine with two different tattoos at the same time.

When you get a tattoo, your body fights to heal the injured skin as quickly as possible. With two tattoos, the body could be overwhelmed, which could lead to a lower immune system and a higher risk of contracting the flu or another illness.

So, should we wait between tattoos?

Well, considering the pros and cons of getting two tattoos a day, we would say it is better to take a break between the two tattoos and have a pleasant experience. We know tattoos are addictive. once you start, you can’t stop. But, getting tattooed twice in the same day can harm your health, and no one wants that.

However, if you;

  • Have a high pain tolerance
  • Have enough money to pay for two or more tattoos
  • Have a good immune system and good general health
  • Have enough free time in a day
  • Have tattoo artists available
  • Have not been exposed to germs and viruses
  • Are aware of consequences, higher risk of infection and follow-up routine

Then there’s no reason you can’t get two tattoos in one day.

However, our recommendation is to wait between two tattoos. You can wait anywhere between a week (when the first tattoo begins to heal properly) or a few months (when the first tattoo is completely healed).

The reason why you should wait between tattoos is quite simple; you will give your body time to heal and prepare for a new tattoo. The tattoo process is quite stressful on the body, so why go through all the stress and pain when you can just wait a bit and get a new tattoo without risking your health.

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