Can Instagram Use Your Cell Phone Camera to Monitor Your Reactions? This Is What the App’s Policies Say

A rumor spread this weekend Instagram Which keeps users on alert. Facebook-related applications are believed to have updated this Privacy Policies and Terms of Use. New terms will be Allow the app to use your phone’s camera at any time to monitor your responses.

Rumor has it that the new Instagram policies give you Unlimited access to all information on your devices. If this sounds alarming already, Internet users are actually worried that the application will be Front camera use To tool Record your facial expressions When someone is viewing a publication.

In addition, the alleged changes will include recording “The way you interact with a post, the time you see it, how you touch the screen, the speed with which you like” And “Use your camera even when you are not using it” , Read in one of the hundreds of posts aired on social networks.

According to rumors, its commercial purpose will be to: Collect information to select the advertisement to be shown to the user.

Since app users rarely read the terms and conditions carefully before they ‘accepted’, it was very easy for thousands of people to believe the alarming report.

Even the queen of pop, Madonna, Disagree in an Instagram post:

Instagram‘s new cyber surveillance policies allow Mark Zuckerberg to spy on you and your family, steal your most intimate secrets and monitor compliance with government orders on all your devices, including your television, and sell your data to the government . And punishes the industry or it for disobedience, “ wrote Madonna “This is a terrible nonsense , “Added the diva.

Of course, the 62-year-old star was not the only person to issue a warning against the stage. Thousands of internet users spread rumors, Said that they will uninstall the app And shared tips to avoid being a victim of spying or theft of private information by Instagram.

What exactly does Instagram’s privacy policies say?

You just have to read the terms of the application carefully to feel it Fake news! The Terms of Use and Data Policy, which can be advised within the app itself and on its website, do not establish the use of cell phone cameras to monitor responses or sentiments.

“This policy also includes Facebook, including facial recognition information, although we do not use this technology on Instagram. If we start using it, we will notify you and if you want to accept its use, we will give you the option to choose ” , You can read on the web.

In the Legal Information section of Instagram, we can find what the app monitors for advertising purposes. In general, Instagram Information and content provided by the user, such as your network of contacts, hashtags you use, your location, and affiliation with products. So select the advertising material that it shows as per your interest.

about Facial recognition, Whether or not this function is active depends on the user’s selection.

“If this feature is enabled, we will use facial recognition technology to identify you in a photo, video and camera experience. The facial recognition templates we create can create data with special protection under the law of your country ” , Reads its data policy.

“You can get more information on how to use this technology or control how we use it in Facebook settings” Add.

The forum also clarifies that “If we introduce facial recognition technology to your Instagram experience, we’ll let you know in advance and you can decide if you want us to use it for you . ”

For their part, the Instagram Public Relations team clarified the update of their usage policies on their official Twitter account.

“We made some changes to our terms to make them easier to understand; For example, we provide explicit language on how to use data to personalize advertisements. You can find them here and they apply them all on Instagram, “They Added, sharing a to a lecturer on Facebook.

Of course, there was no lack of memories about the false rumor and here are some:

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