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What Can You Get Out Of Windows 10 Phones In the UK?

What Can You Get Out Of Windows 10 Phones In the UK?

Windows 10 Phones There are many choices to find in the UK when it comes to getting Windows 10 phones. These phones are nice in their appearance and are very functional but some clearly cost more. You might be eligible for an upgrade on an older Windows 8.1 phone, though.

Windows 10 Phones in UK

The options for Windows 10 phones around the UK are vast. There are plenty of choices to opt from with different options available for all kinds of budgets. But to understand what makes these phones so appealing, it helps to make a good comparison of each option available on the market at this point. You should also think about whether or not you have a Windows phone as it is and if you can upgrade it.

The 950 Line Is Tops

If you’re aiming to find a newer Windows 10 phone, the Lumia 950 line is always a good option. Available for about £450 and up, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL are made with powerful bodies with screens more than five inches in size. Naturally, the 950 XL is the larger choice. It also offers an octa-core processor over the hexacore processor used on the regular 950. They both have 3 GB of RAM, though.

What About Lower-Level Phones

Those who cannot afford to get one of the 950 phones can always opt for a different choice. The Lumia 650 is a lightweight option that has a removable battery and a 5-inch screen. At around £150, it makes for a great deal.

Even so, the Lumia 650 isn’t as strong of a performer as typical users might wish it could be. The Snapdragon 212 chipset runs at about two-thirds of the power of the 950 phones. This doesn’t support the Windows Continuum feature that entails items on the phone being linked to a desktop with Windows 10 either. Of course, with a good value attached to it, the phone still is a good option.

A High-End Choice

One option to find if you’re looking for a fancier phone is the HP Elite X3. This is outside the Lumia line and therefore has a different physical body. But it is also a model that is exceptionally powerful.

This phone uses a 5.96-inch WQHD LED display and a 16-megapixel full HD camera. That offers a 64 GB drive and up to 2 TB of extra space through a microSD card. It even comes with a desk dock that allows for the easy display of the phone.

It is a good choice but it does cost quite a bit of money. Mobile goes for around £700, thus making it one of the more experienced choices to find when looking at smartphones in this line.

Are SIM-Free Options Available?

There are a few SIM-free phones for you to check out if you want a great phone that isn’t linked up to a network you might not want. The Lumia 640 can be found for £130 in an SIM-free format. It costs £100 to get one that does have such a card linked to it. You will have to spend a little extra for one without a card but it is worthwhile as you can choose your own network provider.

Can You Upgrade An Older Phone?

You may be able to get your Windows phone upgraded if you have Windows 8.1 on it. In other words, you might not actually have to spend money on a totally new phone that uses Windows 10.

There are many phones available in the UK that can be upgraded:

  • Most phones in the Lumia 6 series are supported. These include the 635, 636, 638 and 640. These include phones that have five-inch screens.
  • The Lumia 430 and 435 are among the lowest-level phones that can be upgraded. These are available for less than a hundred pounds in many instances.
  • Many of the more modern Windows phones can be upgraded. The Lumia 930 and 1520 are among the best examples to look into.
  • The BLU Win HD w510u and MCJ Madonna Q501 are among the phones outside the Lumia family that can be upgraded. Such phones might not be as easy to find in the UK as with ones in the Lumia series.

If you are still uncertain, you can always contact your local Windows phone service provider to see if your Windows 8.1-powered phone can support an upgrade. The options are always increasing in terms of what can be upgraded so be sure to check on what could be upgraded.

The options for a great Windows 10 phone are varied in the UK. You can certainly find a choice that fits your budget and your needs. Of course, you should check and see about your current Windows phone if you have one that runs Windows 8.1 as that might be upgradable.

Windows 10 Phone variety of features designed to make it immersive

Windows 10 mobile phone with excellent features

Features of Windows 10 Phones

Size of phones 5 inches or more
Memory support 3 GB in most cases
Connectivity 4G; some lighter models offer 3G support
Continuum support Available on most phones; it links mobile and desktop devices together in terms of applications and files
MicroSD card support Many phones support microSD cards up to 200 GB in size

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