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What can I eat to gain weight fast

What can I eat to gain weight fast

What can I eat to gain weight fast : There are many food products that enhance the gain weight faster. If you are also planning to gain fast, then try these items

gain weight fast
gain weight fast
  • Rice It is a staple food and is cooked in most of the houses daily. Though it is lower in the cost, but provides energy. It contains many vital nutrients and is easily digestible.
  • Bananas– It’s usually recommended by the doctors to the wishful person to have 2 bananas on a daily basis. An average banana provides around 100 calories.
  • Peanut butter-It has the goodness of protein, carbohydrates and calories. Add more of it to your diet if you wish to gain weight fast.
  • Soy milk– A glass of milk contains 150 calories. Add it to your diet and watch the amazing results.
  • Avocado-It provides calories and fats, and it is the skinny person’s best friend.
  • Eggs-Eggs that make way to breakfast table are an excellent of energy and nutrients that are needed throughout the day. It will help you in gaining weight fast.

What to eat to gain weight quickly

Right amount of calories and fats are an excellent that helps in putting up the weight.A lean person who wishes to gain the weight he needs to eat foods that enrich calories, fats and carbohydrates.

Apart from eating right food items it is also necessary that one should consume more calories than his daily requirement. Increase your calorie intake by additional 500 calories.

What can i eat to gain weight fastWhat to eat to gain weight and muscle

A wishful person who wishes to gain weight and muscles should eat following food products-

  • Skinless chicken– It is an excellent of protein. It helps in repairing the wear and tear of the body.
  • Eggs-It is not only a good of choline but contains right find of fat and vitamin
  • Cheese-It enriches in protein and helps in gaining weight and muscles.
  • Supplements– Choose supplements that will enhance your body building.

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