Call of Duty: Warzone Guide with Tips and Tricks to Win the War

Call of Duty Warzonelaunched March 2020. It has been played by more than 100,000,000 players, making it one of most popular battle royale games. It has received multiple seasons of content since its launch. This has brought its community new weapons and contracts and made it easier to explore the vast open world of Verdansk, as well as the WWII-themed Caldera.

The latest Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War have been integrated into Warzone. This unified the progression systems of all three Call of Duty games. This means that all your weapons from Modern Warfare and Cold War, and Vanguard can be used in Warzone. You have more options. There are still some issues with the integration, such as freezing and visual bugs.

You’ll need to clear space on your PC or console before you can get into the most popular last-person standing shooters. You can expect a massive download of between 80GB to 100GB. We will see you online tomorrow (or next weeks).

There’s a lot to learn once you’re in. Warzone combines the best elements of popular battle royale games with unique twists and Call of Duty’s spin. This guide will provide you with some key tips and tricks that will ensure you are able to keep up with your competitors and hit the battlefield quickly.

What is Call of Duty: Warzone?

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Warzone, a standalone Call of Duty game, borrows heavily from Modern Warfare 2019, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard. You can play it in multiple open-world modes, including Rebirth Resurgence, Battle Royale and Plunder. All are free with or without the purchase of any mainline COD games. It uses the same engine and controls as Modern Warfare. You can even use your loadouts from the main game.

Battle Royale

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Call of Duty’s approach to the highly successful battle royale genre doesn’t differ from something like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Although it is a scenario where some players are fighting for control, it feels a little less real. You can bring back players and buy ammo from Buy Stations. These stations contain popular elements from Fortnite and Apex Legends . All weapons from the recent COD games are available here.

Caldera, a new map, was added to replace Verdansk which had been in the game from the beginning. Although it is not clear if Verdansk will be returning, we are likely to see the last of him.

Multiple teams of up to four players can drop into a large map that has been compiled with many locations, including urban and jungle areas. After you have marked a spot on the map with your squad, it is time to jump out of the plane damaged and attempt to land safely. Then, you load up your equipment and start hunting down your rivals. As the match progresses, a deadly gas surrounds you and pushes players together until only one team remains. The goal is to be the last person or squad standing.

Vanguard Royale

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A new Battle Royale mode was added as part of the 2021 Vanguard integration. Vanguard Royale takes players to Caldera but allows only the use of Vanguard weapons and operators. This gives players a more cohesive meta. The developer is still optimizing many of the new Vanguard weapons and making sure players don’t have other more powerful firearms is an efficient approach. The gameplay mechanics are the same.

Rebirth Island Resurgence

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This mode was created in conjunction with the Cold War integration which was launched in 2020. The mode takes place on Rebirth Island, a smaller map. However, the rules are the same as Caldera. Because it is a smaller map, there are fewer players and a maximum of 40. It can be more chaotic than the main modes. This mode has one drawback: players can respawn indefinitely as long as at most one member of the squad is alive. Although there are many variants of this mode, such as Duos and Trios or Squads, the rules are generally the same. You must be the last person or team standing.

The radar system is another minor, but important addition. After you have eliminated one enemy soldier, the radar will display an entire enemy team on Rebirth Island. This will give you an indication of the location of a squad while maintaining a high pace.


“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2956846 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7746478873239;” title=”Soldiers from the Warzone Pacific update” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Soldiers from the Warzone Pacific update.” width=”720″ height=”406″ />

Although plunder is a race on Caldera, it is more about survival than fast-paced action. The race to collect the most cash before the time runs out is less tense and casual. Money can be earned by missions and drops. If a player loses, they will pay their hard-earned money to get it back. The map shows the top earners and the bank helicopter gives players the chance to steal cash drops. This mode is a fun and exciting way to get ready for the more dangerous battle royale chase. This mode will help you get to know the mechanics.

Essential tips

After the basics have been covered, let’s get into the more obscure methods of winning. Although there is no way to be certain of victory, these tips will help you. Warzone does consider the skill, but luck is a factor, and even the most skilled players can get stuck in sticky situations. Here are some tips to help you win Warzone.

Familiarize yourself with the weapons

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Although it may seem obvious, this is an important point. It is essential to be familiar with the weapons of Warzone. It is easy to lose a fight if you don’t know the difference between a Type 100 and a G-43.

Warzone currently has over 160 weapons, including assault rifles and SMGs as well as LMGs, shotguns and snipers. Secondaries such handguns or launchers are also available. Learn how each weapon works and which weapon suits you best. If you expect a barrage or bullets, pulling the trigger will only result in one shot and getting blasted down. You shouldn’t think a semi-auto assault rifle or a bolt-action spyer are full-autos. It’s not a good feeling to lose a fight simply because you don’t know your weapon.

This is something you can learn as you go. It’s all about learning from your mistakes. These mistakes can cost you and your team a match so make sure to spend some time getting to know how each gun works before the match. You can also read the menu descriptions and play multiplayer games.

You might be wondering which Warzone guns are the best. While it is largely down to personal preference, some guns stand out. You should have two weapons: one for long range and one for close-quarters. You will be able to cover all bases. For longer-range battles, assault rifles like the AK-47 (CW), along with the STG44, are great, while SMGs like the MP-40 are better suited to close-range. Check out our meta breakdown of the best weapons for season 1. The list is constantly updated by Raven Software.

Get those loadouts sorted

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Warzone is not for everyone. All Warzone games allow players to bring their usual multiplayer loadouts, including Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. You can find one in Battle Royale, Vanguard Royale and Rebirth Resurgence by finding a Loadout Drop. In Plunder, however, you will always start with the preferred loadout every time you drop into the game.

What’s the deal? Level gates lock your Loadout’s guns, perks, attachments, and other items. Access to all the information is not available immediately. Those of us who have been working hard since Modern Warfare was launched in 2019, however, have access to some amazing weapons and intimidating attachments. Are newcomers at an advantage? It’s true. These weapons are still “Player”-ranked, as opposed to rare, epic, or legendary equipment that can be pulled out of a field cache. However, it is better to start with a scope or an optical sight than to look down iron.

We recommend that you bring along silenced weapons, Heartbeat sensors, and other perks to prevent the enemy from seeing you, such as Ghost and Cold-Blooded. You will also need a weapon with large magazines (like a 60-round assault rifle, light machine gun), to ensure that you don’t run low on ammo. To be able to take long-range shots, it is a good idea to keep a sniper handy. There aren’t many “bad” weapons. However, you should pick ones that you have experience with. The more versatile the weapon, the better.

We will go into more detail here about the best loadouts, but suffice to say that you will do better if your loadout is great in every situation — not just one. We like to use a silent Bren, one of the best weapons in the game. You can make this LMG a beast by adding a 40-round magazine, silencer, and other attachments that improve stability. It can kill enemies at both long and medium distances.

Check your sound settings

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971262 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Audio settings in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Audio settings in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

Companies have used sounds to their advantage since the creation of the Modern Warfare in 2007. Aural cues can be used to track almost anything. This is a common practice in gaming that has existed for a long time. It’s still a huge part of the game and can be adjusted in the sound settings.

A drop-down menu can be found at the top right of the sound settings menu. You can quickly toggle between different sound mix presets in this area to fine-tune your game’s audio according to your listening preferences and equipment. You can expand the option to see more information about the frequencies you are working with.

You’re likely wasting your time identifying enemy movements by using Home Theater on your $20 cans. You can hear the music changing as you switch between settings. Find the one with a good balance of highs, lows and both. Clear highs are needed to hear bullets flutter by your head, and lows to hear engine roars and footsteps. We actually disabled the music from the game because it was too distracting for us to hear other players.

Keep this in mind when listening to footsteps around you. It’s possible that you’re not alone if your teammate is on your right and you hear footsteps on your left. If you hear footsteps, it could be a colleague. Sometimes you might not be so fortunate.

And update your other settings while you’re at it

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It’s important to adjust your audio settings, but it’s just as important to make sure that the rest of your settings are correct. Adjusting your sensitivity and button layout, as well as Armor plate behavior, are important.

There are many options, but these are the most important.

  • BR Button Layout This is a personal preference. We like Tactical.
  • Sensitivity Personal preference. So experiment with the setting that feels right
  • Armor plate Behavior: All
  • Slide Behavior: Tapping
  • Automat Sprint: Tactical Sprint
  • Parachute Auto-Deploy: Disabled
  • Mini Map Shape: Square

You can change many other settings, but these are the most important. Check out our breakdown of Warzone settings. Remember that PC players have far more options than console users.

Bring the rocket launchers

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It’s not easy to know everything about the weapons that you will use in Battle Royale. You can’t survive without them. Although this one is controversial, it is a move that we have had great success with. You should bring your rocket launcher.

Warzone offers several launchers, including the PILA (Strala-P), JOKR and RPG-7. The RPG-7 is a familiar name. It’s long, funny, and packs a serious punch. However, it’s not the one that we recommend here. A vehicle is sometimes your only option when you are on the run from the deadly gas-enclosing circle. People are either extremely impatient or very lazy. They want to get off the field and in combat as soon as possible.

There will be people driving cars at all times during matches. If you have a PILA launcher instead of a secondary weapon, you can almost always wipe out a whole team in a single second. It pays off.

We recommend that you bring the M1 Bazooka if you are playing Vanguard Royale. It works much like the RPG-7.

Take note of bullet trails

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971492 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Aiming down sights in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Aiming down sights in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

This is another detail that may seem a bit too obvious. However, it is a small detail that can often be overlooked when there are so many other things in a match. Visual cues, on the other hand, can be used to fill in the gaps.

Bullets can travel quite a distance and are not small enough that they are completely invisible to the naked eye. To get a better idea of the position of your enemy, you can use bullet trails. You can also use the bullet trails to determine the whereabouts and coordinates of your enemy’s target.

Note that running in the opposite direction of a bullet will make you an enemy. These are your two enemies. Wait for the victor and then use your greed to bring them down.

Learn where to drop

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Battle Royale matches can quickly turn sour, even before you reach the ground. An announcer watches the sky and warns you if anyone is about to parachute into your area. Anyone who lands quickly will grab a gun and try to shoot you from the sky. There is nothing you can do. Considering that so many people think the same thing it is not in your best interests to drop with 20 other enemies. Instead, you will need to learn how to choose where to land.

Warzone allows you to have manual control of your parachute. It can be opened as far as you like, or as far as you need. You can also cut it halfway and redeploy it as many times as you wish. You can even vault off buildings whenever you like. It is a good idea to jump to the ground, play with the terrain, and then open the parachute to cushion the impact.

You can glide down in third-person mode, aiming to the side rather than directly at the ground. This will keep you up higher and allow you to travel further before you land. Sometimes, you may want to land close to your starting point in order to make it easy to land quickly.

However, it is not always possible to land quickly. You may want to land near a contract or at a particular hub to earn cash, loot and XP immediately. It is important to examine how the gas is formed in relation to the plane’s trajectory. Some people find it easier to drop immediately, while others may prefer to have a longer tail plan. Whatever your preference, landing in the right spot could set you up for victory.

Our dedicated guide provides more information on the best landing spots in Caldera or Rebirth Island.

Close the doors!

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971266 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Aiming at open door in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Aiming at open door in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

Open doors are another visual (or audio!) cue. cue. Another visual cue is an open door.

If you don’t wish your enemies to find out about your location, close doors as you pass through them. This will give the impression to your enemies that you are the first one to cross the area. This will also reduce their security. If they are too assertive or confident, you can blast them down. You can also open doors quietly and slowly without making too much noise.

This is not always a good idea. Closed doors are a way to escape but they can also provide shelter for those in need.

When in doubt, stop and listen

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971494 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Lying down with handgun in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Lying down with handgun in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

Battle Royale can quickly get chaotic, especially from an auditory perspective. Gunfire, the announcer and explosions will all be heard, as well as your own footsteps. You don’t have to be overwhelmed at the end of matches, but it is a good idea to stop and listen. There might be gunfire nearby or someone running near you. It is important to not be too loud for other players.

We crouch-walk to pick up on footsteps from enemies. It’s amazing how reckless other players can be as they run, jump, and smash open doors. If you see someone nearby, crouch down and wait for them. If players run around in this manner, they are unlikely to expect someone to be watching them. This is a great time to strike. They will not know what happened to them.

Complete contracts

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971272 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Most Wanted contract in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Most Wanted contract in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

While there are many strategies and things you can do in Verdansk to keep up with the competition, one surefire way is to complete contracts. There are currently five contracts available:

  • Bounty: This contract will select a nearby enemy and pay you cash. Although it doesn’t pinpoint where the enemy is, a large yellow circle will indicate their approximate location. Remember that bounty will alert you if you are near the enemy, so don’t rush in.
  • Most Wanted: This contract is similar to Bounties. This one places a bounty upon your head and all players will be notified about your location. You will receive cash and your deceased teammates will be revived instantly if you make it within the time limit.
  • Scavenger: After initiating a Scavenger agreement, you will receive three supply boxes, which usually include useful loot. This one is not too difficult, but we recommend that you complete them if your need to loot.
  • Recon Flag icon: Concon contracts are unique because they reveal the next layer before the rest of game. They are extremely valuable. You will need to go to a nearby location to capture a point. This is similar to Domination in base multiplayer mode. The loot you get for capturing the point is usually less than what you would receive when you complete a Scavenger Contract.
  • Supply Run: If you are short on cash, you should consider the Supply Run contracts. It gives you a time limit for reaching a nearby Buy Station, which offers substantial discounts on most of the items. These are easy to do, and you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. We often see people ignore them.

Contracts are highly recommended as they offer useful rewards like XP, cash, and weapon XP. You can also use Bounties to find the location of nearby players or Recons to view the next circle in the zone, depending on which contract you have completed.

Another thing to remember is that each contract you finish will give you a multiplier. You get a multiplier for each contract you complete. It is worth continuing to work on contracts throughout your session. Once your multiplier has reached a high enough level, you will be able to make tens of thousands of dollars just by signing one contract.

Pay attention to the flares in the sky

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971496 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Respawn flare in sky in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Respawn flare in sky in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

This is a subtle mechanic that you may not have noticed but it is important. Pay attention to the different flares visible in the sky. A yellow flare means that a Recon contract has been completed and will give you the exact location for an enemy.

A red flare indicates that an enemy team just purchased back a fallen comrade. Keep your eyes open for flares to see who is around you. You can also trigger Recon capture points or buy back a teammate, so other enemies will be able to see your flares.

If you aren’t sure you will get the elimination, don’t shoot.

This tip is important and requires some caution. It’s easy to shoot at everyone you see in any shooter, whether it’s Call of Duty and something else. This is fine in a Team Deathmatch mode or any other fast-paced game, but Warzone you shouldn’t shoot until you are certain that you will eliminate the enemy. This means that if an enemy is seen in the distance, even if they are far away, you should not fire.

This is because you won’t be able to take out the enemy completely, but you will alert them. Your positioning is crucial in Warzone especially towards the end of a match. You’ll need to ensure you don’t give away your position. As you get more comfortable and play more, you will be able to take long-range shots hundreds of meters away. As a rule of thumb, you should let enemies far away pass so that you can fight another day. However, it is a good idea to mark your enemies on the map using the D-pad. Your teammates will be able to see their location.

Learn the ins and outs of the Gulag

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971248 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Being carried to the Gulag in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Being carried to the Gulag in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

Although the Warzone launch has seen major changes to the Gulag, including the Cold War or Vanguard integrations, the basic mechanics of the Gulag remain the same: To take out your enemy (or capture it in the middle), you must then return to the fight with your team. The Gulag is updated every season and often modeled after famous locations from mainline COD games.

Other than that, what seems to change frequently is the number of guns that you have. The Warzone initial release had very basic weapons, such as knives or handguns. The selection of weapons is now much wider, but it’s important to be familiar with at least some of them. The Vanguard integration brings a new feature: you can keep all the weapons and equipment that you have in the Gulag. You’ll be less at disadvantage because you have at least some equipment.

It is important to make the most of your equipment. It shouldn’t be used as a crutch. However, stuns flashes or grenades can prove extremely helpful when you are in a tight spot. You should also take it slow. There is no sense in hurrying to get somewhere your opponent is waiting. Keep that in mind when using sound to your advantage. The same principles that we discussed above apply to this topic. Keep your distance and listen to your enemy.

Another thing to remember is that touching the flag at the middle of the arena can help you regain your health. If you are getting shot, and can safely reach the flag, then do it. Then, come back swinging. This is a less-known feature, but it will surprise your enemy when you return with full health.

If you have a friend who is watching, ensure they call out to you where the enemy is. This can be very useful and could give you the edge that you need to defeat them.

Communicate effectively with your team

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971274 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Aiming down sights in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Aiming down sights in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

You must communicate with your teammates if you want to play Warzone in a group. It is crucial to be able to name and describe nearby buildings. This saves time and helps you get your point across. It can cost your team a lot of time if you spend too long explaining. Learn specific callouts to get the edge.

Avoid using long phrases such as “There is someone right in front of me.” This is because it is unclear who “you”, if you are part of a team. Be concise and call your teammates by their colors. Say “in front” for example. This will let everyone know to look at the player in trouble and help them to their best ability. You can differentiate your callouts better.

It’s easy to feel like you are talking too much during a game. However, it’s better to notify your team about any potential problems you see than to remain silent and assume they have noticed. Your team will be able to devise an escape plan to win if they are constantly updated on the location of the danger.

Not only should you alert your team about possible problems, but also check-in to see if they need any supplies or upgrades. Warzone lets you drop items including cash. This allows you to pool your money to purchase upgrades such as a UAV, or a Loadout Drop. It’s much easier to swallow if everyone contributes small amounts, like $2,500 per player.

Get used to pinging important points of interest

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971267 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Pinging a house in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Pinging a house in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

Warzone does not have a unique pinging system, but it is still very important. It is important to get comfortable with pinging (or marking) specific points of interest in each match. Press up on the Dpad to do this. Your ping color will be determined by the color of the player name at the bottom left. This is used to distinguish between pings. You should use this to distinguish between pings.

There are two types of pings that you will use: a regular ping (shown above) and a live. Regular pings correspond to your particular color and stay in place until you remove them. If you are playing Trios or Squads, ensure that your regular pings have the correct color callout. Say “it’s On Blue ping” instead of “it is on the ping.”

Live pings are markers that appear above the heads of enemy players. These are red markers that move for one second with the enemy, giving you and your teammates an indication of their position. A live ping is a great way to find out the location of enemy players, even if it’s only for a few seconds. A live ping can only be used if there is an enemy player present.

The third type of ping can be used, which is a mix of both of the above. Double-tapping on the D-pad will bring up a red marker. This is useful to indicate that danger is near. If you are unsure if an enemy is inside a building, or if they are hiding from you, double-tap the D-pad. This will signal that a red marker is ahead. A regular marker is also useful. You can use them however you like, but make sure to ping often and communicate clearly for increased awareness.

Familiarize yourself with these items

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971271 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Buy Station in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Buy Station in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

You will find many tools scattered throughout Caldera or Rebirth Island. All of them can help you win. Below are icons and a list of items that you need to be aware.

  • Shop Station — These icons appear randomly around the map and are essential to your success. Regular visits are a must to stock up on armor plates and self-revive kits, as well as a Loadout Drop and Loadout Drop. You should make sure to get as much money as possible while you’re out exploring, so that you can spend it at Buy Stations.
  • Gas mask – Sometimes, it’s inevitable that you will have to pass through the gas. While you should avoid it at all cost, sometimes, especially near the end of matches when the area is small, running through the gas can be helpful. You can find a gas mask around the map or purchase one. Although it gives you temporary immunity, it only lasts about 10 seconds. You can also get a Durable Gas Mask, which is harder to find but lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Self Revive Kit — The Self-Revive kit is a valuable tool for soldiers on the front lines. It allows you to revive yourself and potentially save you from danger. It can help you get on the right path to success.
  • Field upgrades Many Field Upgrades from Modern Warfare are made available in Warzone. These temporary items can be used at all times and include:
    • Munitions Box – A box that can be deployed to replenish ammo and lethal equipment as well as tactical equipment.
    • Armor Box — This deployable box grants five armor plates.
    • Recon Drone – A drone that can be controlled to locate enemies nearby.
    • Silence — Gives you a temporary speed bump and makes your steps silent.
    • Trophy system — This deployable item can take up all projectiles from stuns to grenades and rockets. To be immune from explosives while driving, place one on your car’s hood.
    • Deployable cover — This is a piece you can place in front of your face.
  • Killstreaks Killstreaks are similar to the Call of Duty games of the past. Warzone . They can be purchased at a Buy Station or as floor loot.
    • UAV — Temporarily show anyone within a specified radius of the map (as long they’re not using the Ghost perk). Three UAVs can be called in at once to reveal all players regardless of Ghost status.
    • Cluster Strike – Call in multiple airborne mortars to rain on a particular location.
    • Precision Airstrike — This is similar to the Cluster Strike but it’s much more efficient and can be used in three waves. This is best used when you have taken out an enemy. The Airstrike can be called in to kill them and their team.

Follow content creators to keep up with Warzone

You can skip this step if you are just playing Warzone casually. But, those who want to spend more time with the game should follow YouTubers and content creators that cover it. It’s a great way to stay informed about any updates, meta changes, or general tips that can help you improve.

There are many YouTubers that cover Warzone, but we have chosen JGOD and TrueGameData to help us understand the intricacies of gameplay and weapons. While we don’t want you to be overwhelmed, there is a lot of detail that goes into weapons, their stats and how they relate to each other. We recommend following these content creators.

Make the most of the gas you have

This one is more complex because the formation of the gas is random. However, you can still do your bit to ensure things run smoothly. Position yourself so that opponents are forced to approach you. This will allow you to keep your sights down and be ready. You can see our point in the video clip. Although we were fortunate that the gas pulled back towards us, even if it had, we would have turned to the other side to attempt to catch enemies running for their lives. They’ll be waiting for you, which will put them at a disadvantage. They’ll need to stop running and focus down on the target before firing a shot. Keep waiting and watch for the gas to bring your final enemies.

The flow of each match

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It can be overwhelming to start in Warzone. It’s overwhelming to see so many icons, have to navigate a huge map, deal with over 140 players, and then to find a deadly gas. Although matches are different, there is a rhythm and flow that you need to be aware of. It consists of phases that almost always remain the same in every match.

A set of goals can help you focus and can even lead to success. You have so many players against you that anything could go wrong, but you can practice and get better at the phases below.

Phase one: Pick a good landing spot

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As soon as matches begin, you need to look at the map to determine the plane’s path and the position of the first circle. There is no one right or wrong spot to land. However, certain areas may be more advantageous depending on your play style and skill. As shown above, some players prefer to choose areas that have many buildings close by. You have a greater chance of meeting players if you sign up for contracts — especially near Scavengers or Cash Drops.

It is also a good idea for your team to be located near a Buy Station. This way, your team can get enough money to purchase items such as a Loadout Drop and a gas mask.

You want to land somewhere you feel comfortable in, with plenty of loot. You should also ensure you’re not too far from the inner circle. While it is often acceptable to land outside the first ring, you should make sure that if you are really far from it, you have a way to reach safety. To get a better idea of your competitors, pay attention to the places they are landing while you skydive to your position. If you are skilled, you can shoot them from the sky with your gun.

Phase two: Loot and gather cash

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971270 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Loot on the ground in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Loot on the ground in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

No matter where you are, your goal is to get on the ground running and collect loot, open chests, as well as as as much money as possible. You should pay attention to the sound of chests opening and trying your best to get as much loot as you can. You will hopefully find a gas mask and armor satchel along with lots of cash. Loadout Drop costs $10,000, so you will want to have as much money as you can. It was once recommended that you prioritize getting $10K to get your Loadout Drop quickly. Unfortunately, this no longer works.

A change in the Loadout Drops process was made as part of the vanguard integration. Instead of being able buy Loadouts whenever you like, you will need to wait until the first circle closes before you can buy them. To level the playing field, players must use floor loot during the first match. Players can also rely on the free Loadouts as the match progresses. This saves cash.

There are many ways to find money. One way is to open boxes and look in every corner. Although you can often find thousands of dollars in the ground and in chests, it is difficult to guarantee large amounts of money by just looting. Completing contracts, specifically Bounties, is the best way to make money. It’s risky and rewarding, but it can also be dangerous as you have to work for an enemy team with more skill than yours. A combination of looting, working towards one contract and looting will usually yield the best results. This is even more true if you have a team of players as you can pool your money to buy your loadout.

Try not to get too focused on your loot or complete contracts while you are out looking for cash. While it is easy to lose sight of your surroundings while you are hunting for cash, it is important to be alert to potential enemies that may be nearby. Loot as fast and as quickly as possible. Once you and your team have attained at least $10K, you can head to the nearest (or most secure) Buy Station to get your Loadout Drop.

Drop it somewhere that isn’t out of the way. Some players drop it on the roof to secure it (an unintentional feature), while keeping it hidden from any nearby enemies. You have many options for calling your Loadout Drop. It’s fine to leave your loadout where you know there is no one nearby. If you are certain that a team will be there to help you, you can call the Loadout Drop from the opposite side of the building. This will make the red smoke from the package invisible.

It’s crucial to communicate with your team at this point so that you know who has what. Everyone should have a gas mask, ammo, and a Self-Revive kit. If possible, a UAV (or another killstreak) is also available. You can distribute the cash according to your needs if someone is lacking one of these items. We recommend that you get a Self-Revive Kit before you go for a gas mask. It is not as effective during the first stages of a match, but you will need one.

Phase three: Start planning your route in relation to the gas/continue gathering loot and cash

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971275 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Loadout Drop in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Loadout Drop in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

Now you have your Loadout and Self-Revive gas masks. What now? There are several things you can do, but the most important is to determine where the next zone will lie. You can use your map to get an idea of where you should go next. You can use this opportunity to eliminate other players depending on your level of skill and confidence. However, remember that other teams may also have Loadouts.

Recon contracts can be completed by players at this point to reveal the location of the next zone. Others might choose to camp in safe areas to avoid being killed. You and your team can decide what to do. However, it’s important that you have a plan. You don’t want to be left behind in the next zone. Otherwise, you will get carried away by the gas. You should use this stage to collect as much money as possible in order to have everything you need for your final stages.

Phase four: Get into position in preparation for the final circle

“dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending aligncenter wp-image-2971281 size-large” style=”aspect-ratio: 1.7777777777778;” title=”Aiming down sights during latter portion of match in Warzone” src=”×720.jpg” alt=”Aiming down sights during latter portion of match in Warzone.” width=”720″ height=”405″ />

To get the best vantage point possible of your enemies, you should use the second stage. It may not always be possible, depending on how you got to your current location. You should move in a circular or pinwheel motion as you go from one zone to another. You can cover the gas with the gas by rotating in a spiral or pinwheel motion, knowing that no one will come from the gas side.

You need to note how many players are present and attempt to figure out where they might be. As you can see, even though we were in the zone, there was still enough space for enemies to get behind us, so it wasn’t the best place to be. However, this is where we ended up based on several circumstances. The enemy did indeed come from behind in the above example, but we were able to fend them off.

Once you have a good idea of the location of your foes, pay close attention to the next zone. You can then watch for potential problems and make sure you are moving to safety. Avoid maneuvering in a way that leaves you exposed. If you have to, you can run through the gas (this why a gas mask so important) to get safely to your destination.

Phase five: Survive against the last batch of players

Finally, you have reached the last set of players. You should now know where they are located. This can be done by keeping track or using the elimination process. You’ll be at a serious disadvantage if you don’t keep track of their exact location. It is not uncommon for this to happen, but it is important that you do your best in the previous level to identify your adversaries. You should now be looking in their general direction with laser focus.

If you have survivors, ensure you understand the location of your enemies. Grab enough ammunition and put on your best face to fight the evildoers. It is safer to fire your shots while your enemies are fighting one another. This is known as “third-partying.” But if your opponent’s team is against you, you will want to beat them to win. Look around to see how many people are still on the opposing team. While it is always best to be cautious, the level of caution you use depends on the situation.

To make sure your enemies run towards you, we recommend that you position yourself behind cover. This will give you an advantage over your enemies by allowing them to run towards you. You can win the game with a little luck or skill.


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