California Daylighting Law – What is it and why has it been introduced?

The government of California is enforcing a new safety Law known as “daylighting.”To increase visibility for both cars and pedestrians, a new California rule seeks to restrict the proximity at which vehicles can park near crosswalks.

California Daylighting Law

Parking close to crosswalks will be forbidden by new California legislation. The goal of the law is to increase visibility so that people walking and driving can see one another more clearly. The practice known as “daylighting” is becoming more and more common as a means of enhancing pedestrian safety.

A new regulation in effect in California requires cars to review their parking location twice a year as there is now a no-parking zone around both designated and invisible pedestrian crosswalks.

Among other forbidden parking locations, drivers are generally not permitted to leave their cars parked in the center of an intersection, on a sidewalk, in front of designated curbs, in a way that obstructs the access to fire hydrants, or excessively close to the fire department’s entrance.

This year marks the law’s implementation, but before citations are issued, drivers have a 12-month grace period. Additionally, parking spaces that are within 20 feet of a crosswalk must be removed by cities. Bicycles and motorized scooters are allowed to park in certain areas by