Butterfly Glitter Nails – How to Apply Butterfly Glitter Nails the Easy Way

Butterfly Glitter Nails – How to Apply Butterfly Glitter Nails the Easy Way

Butterfly glitter nails are fast becoming the latest trend in the cosmetic industry. If you’re on the fence about picking out your next manicure, then this article may help you decide which options are best for you.

So, what is this fast-growing trend? It’s all about applying custom made nail polishes that are based on a theme, such as butterflies or flowers. The paint colors are very different from traditional polishes so that it looks much like you’re wearing your favorite nail polish but in an entirely different way.

Butterfly Glitter Nails
Butterfly Glitter Nails

People have been decorating their nails for years with feathers, glitter, pearls, and even jewelry, but with butterfly glitter nails, people are using a different method. What makes them different is the fact that these polishes are applied to nails without using any type of base coat or topcoat to protect the painted design.

The glitter and liquid polish

In fact, the paint itself may be created from dry flakes of glitter and liquid polish. With such a variety of glitter options available, you’re sure to find one that suits your style. In addition, the glitter can be applied to the back of your hands to create the look of wings, or they can be applied to your nails for the look of a butterfly.

One of the most popular options is pink, which comes in a neon yellow color that almost appears to glow in the dark. This creates a striking, yet beautiful, manicure that looks so real that even a professional manicurist would be hard-pressed to tell that it wasn’t real.

Another popular option is green, which features a leafy look that combines well with butterfly glitter nails. For a lighter and fresher look, you can opt for a nice blue or a pale white.

Butterfly Glitter Nails
Butterfly Glitter Nails

Darker Shade

However, a lot of people opt fora darker shade, especially in the realm of nail polish, because they believe that these shades are healthier for their skin than the shades of other products that they use. Some of the darker colors contain tannic acid, which is said to be a natural skin-healing agent that offers relief from a wide range of skin problems.

If you’ve never tried using butterfly nail polishes for yourself, then it’s high time that you do. Now that you know how to do it, you can start playing with designs and even create your own designs.

Once you have your choice of colors, it’s time to pick up some fine nail polishes to apply to your nails. Some of the best brands to get are OPI and Sinful Colors, which make beautiful, long-lasting polishes that have a nice matte finish and will hold up to the frequent polishing.

Butterfly Glitter Nails
Butterfly Glitter Nails

Butterfly Glitter Nails

When choosing a nail polish for your butterfly glitter nails, make sure to choose one that is designed for long-lasting wear. You don’t want to have to replace the polish too often, so avoid too many of the cheap, short-lasting polishes that tend to get worn out quickly.

Besides being safe for your nails, make sure that the polish has been approved by the FDA. Make sure that the glue used to bond the colored flakes to the nail is water-based, and that the color and consistency are natural, instead of thick.

Also, make sure that the polish has been formulated for nighttime wear. By keeping your nails well moisturized your nails will last longer.

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