Bungie Teases “New Secret World In Parallel With Destiny” For 2025

Bungie’s design director has teased what the future of the company will look like. Including the future of Destiny 2 and a new secret project.

According to Bungie’s design director, the developers behind Destiny 2 and Halo are currently working on a new project coming sometime in 2025. Bungie has been developing the Destiny franchise since the first game released in 2014. Originally in conjunction with Activision, the developer separated from the publishing giant in 2019 to manage Destiny by itself. This move was lauded by fans in the community, who saw Activision’s influence as the cause for the litany of problems with Destiny 2.

Since going independent, Bungie has revamped its approach to Destiny 2, eliminating the planned content for a Destiny 3 and shifting it toward the current game. Shadowkeep, the first expansion managed by Bungie independently, began what would become a shift in Destiny 2’s change from a stopgap in the series to the franchise’s future. The base game went free-to-play up to the content brought in by Forsaken, cross-saves were introduced with cross-play planned for late 2021, and a roadmap through 2024 was created.

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Bungie design director Jacob Benton was interviewed by Japanese site 4gamer about the company’s future. Transcribed by GamesRadar, Benton said that the team is currently working on a “new secret world in parallel with Destiny” set to release in 2025. Listings for Bungie indicate that the project will be more lighthearted than that of Destiny’s space epic atmosphere but is still in very early stages. The interview also reveals that another expansion for Destiny 2 is coming after the “Light and Darkness” arc ends but will not be saved for a Destiny 3. A Destiny movie was also teased as being on the table alongside other media set in the universe, but Benton couldn’t comment on those possibilities at the moment.

The job listings for the new project indicate a lot of mechanics similar to those found in Destiny 2, like an in-game economy and a gear system. Furthermore, the company has trademarked the name Matter, which may be the title of the new IP, since it has similar descriptions to the job listings. The idea that Bungie is ready to manage not one, but two games as a service on a massive scale may seem a bit farfetched. However, Bungie has 900 employees at its disposal and appears to have had 2025 planned as the start date for the new content for some time.

Whatever Bungie has planned for the future, it appears that the vision for it is clear and exciting to all involved. With Destiny 2 continuing to add more content for players to enjoy and developers excited for what’s coming next, fans should be ready for whatever the company has in store. Hopefully, everything comes together by 2025.

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Destiny 2 is available for download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia.

Source: GamesRadar, DestinyNews

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