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Bulgari opens the first eShop in Italy

Bulgari launches a new online shopping experience: in Italy, from June 4th you can buy Roman High Jewelry with a click

An exclusive and efficient sales service is among the best “pampering” that a customer can receive when he wants to buy a luxury item. Bulgari knows this well and, for this reason, has studied every little detail to arrive at a digital platform that reflects this extra quind. In a different way, the Roman maison is always ready to grant every wish.

And it’s not just about the simplification of the purchasing processes, the result of a high technological content, but also about being able to guarantee a unique though virtual experience: once you enter the site screen dedicated to accessories, through a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), and click on the AR button (augmented reality), the customer will have the opportunity to access a dynamic view of the product, to “try it online” directly from his device and experience the shopping experience as if he were in a boutique but without entering the shop.

To make the e-commerce experience even more special, one of the symbols of the Roman boutique in via Condotti will reach each customer through an exclusive packaging dedicated to online shopping and made with the iconic Bulgari decoration of the Pantheon Mesh jersey.

Below our interview with Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the Bvlgari Group

How important is digital today, even in the face of the situation we are experiencing, between quarantine, Phase 2 and Codiv-19?

Digital is already a way of existing, of showing oneself to others, of sharing important, joyful and symbolic moments. Social networks offer the opportunity to make yourself known to millions of people and share your passions. In a time of isolation and distancing like that due to Covid-19, the digital world has obviously assumed an even greater importance in individual affirmation, as well as in socializing in absolute safety. Zoom’s virtual aperitif is typically the example of a celebration that from a condominium becomes worldwide. From a brand’s point of view, it has already been an essential vehicle of communication for years, from SEM, to social networks or digital advertising rather than the site and e-commerce. In times of Covid-19 even more with all shops closed and events canceled. That’s why we are increasingly oriented towards creating digital events, Webinars and Masterclasses. Covid will surely have acted as an irreversible accelerator towards a new type of C2C relationship rather than B2C as the first and greatest means of communication. For the world of work as for civil society there will be a “before Covid” and an “after Covid” with less travel, more smartwork, less physical meetings and perhaps more efficiency. As Bvlgari we have added to the digital plan a strong program of newsletters and calls Zoom or Webex or WeChat aimed at our customers, accelerating amplification worldwide with the launch, within the next few weeks, of new e-commerce platforms in 7 countries. We are present in the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany Australia, China, Japan and from May 20 to July 29 the new online stores will reach Singapore, United Arab Emirates in this order (first version of the website in English, second update in Arabic ), Italy, France, Korea, Mexico and Brazil. In this new phase, human-to-human interaction is also interesting. The lockdown has generated a natural reaction in each of us so we wonder why and how to get back together by managing the fear of the “crowds” or “social rapprochement towards the other”. More than two years ago Bvlgari started to think and pay attention to the One to One trade, first in Greater China, then in the South Pacific. This allows customers’ consultants to carry out marketing activities remotely, using the instant messaging platform such as Whatsapp, Wechat, Line. The one-to-one business bridges the gap between e-commerce and clienteling by providing an online luxury experience that corresponds more and more to that in stores and regardless of where customers are located. One-to-one e-commerce concerns significant relationships that maintain privacy and exclusivity, without ever giving up the typically Italian style and welcome of Bvlgari.

In the other countries you have recorded important increases: can we give a percentage?

In all countries we can say that our e-commerce has grown well over 100%. An obviously logical result considering that all the shops have been closed. However, Covid did not kill the propensity for luxury, it only limited direct access to the brand by allowing it through the internet and our one-to-one CRM programs that have been very successful. It is interesting to note what is happening in China since the reopening of our boutiques through which we are reaching dizzying growth rates, but at the same time e-commerce is accelerating at even more unrestrained rates. This only shows how the OmniChannel is becoming an ever greater reality.

Will there be exclusive collections for the e-shop?

At the moment we are not talking about exclusive collections for the e-shop, but we have worked on online previews as in the case of the second edition of Alexander Wang’s capsule accessories, part of the saga “Serpenti Through the Eyes of” or some collections created specifically for key consumption period. In May we launched BB Cities, a project involving 9 destinations including Rome and Ibiza. A BB watch with BVLGARI engraving and the name of the city on the case where the iconic BVLGARI BVLGARI signature is typically found. A limited edition which will be delivered in a personalized leather case. In this way our interest is increasingly aimed at involving our customers in something exclusive and, through the e-store, allowing the approach to our creations by building a strong consistency between the experience in physical and digital boutique .

Snakes through Alexander Wang’s eyes

How will you keep the digital shopping experience?

The secret behind Bvlgari’s e-shop experience lies first and foremost in an efficient customer service and therefore in the quality of Consumer Care and its ability to work in teams with the sales teams in the boutiques, also equated to the level of organization starting from by incentives. These Customer Care teams made up of highly specialized professionals are the cornerstone on which the Roman Maison has built its online shopping strategy. Real “artisans of conversation” ready to satisfy every desire and listen to even the most particular needs. Another key aspect of the customer-centered approach is the simplification of the online purchasing process through 3D product images in order to make the visualization more and more real, for example being able to virtually rest on a plane in order to better understand the dimensions and to be able to view the product at 360 °. Offer the Hot Stamping service to be able to customize purchases or gifts through hot stamping on bags and accessories, free shipping and flexible delivery, even within 24 hours if requested. Free returns both online and through customer service or directly in the boutique and a selection of the most used payment methods are some of the dedicated tools and services that break some of the taboos related to the purchase of luxury items – in particular jewelry – through digital channels. The online purchase ceremony ends with the packaging that accompanies the product in delivery and which recalls in its particular design the “Pantheon Mash” motif present in the Bvlgari Boutiques in the new guise given by the archistar Peter Marino as a tribute to the flooring of the Pantheon and therefore to the city of Rome, so dear to the brand.

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