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Bugsy Siegel’s Net Worth: Bugsy Siegel was an American gangster who had a net worth of $ 100 million at the time of his death. He is known to be one of the most infamous and feared gangsters of his time.

Bugsy Siegel was born in Brooklyn, New York in February 1906 and died in June 1947. He was known to be handsome and charismatic. Siegel is renowned for being a driving force behind the Las Vegas Strip. He was influential with the Jewish crowd as well as the American mafia and the National Crime Syndicate. Siegel was a founder and media of Murder, Inc. and was a bootlegger during Prohibition. He then turned to gambling and worked as a hitman. He was tried for the murder of Harry Greenberg in 1939 but acquitted in 1942. Siegel funded some of the original Las Vegas casinos, including The Flamingo. Bugsy Siegel died June 20, 1947 at age 41 after being shot at the home of his girlfriend Virginia Hill in Beverly Hills, California.

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