BTS Jungkook’s “Seven” music video breaks YouTube records

“Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ Shatters YouTube Record with 39 Million Views in a Day”

The BTS sensation, Jungkook, releases another mind-boggling hit that tears through YouTube’s record books.

An Unprecedented Milestone

Music lovers worldwide have always admired the infectious melodies and magnetic performances of BTS. Jungkook, one of the band’s most popular members, has added yet another feather to his cap with his solo single, “Seven.” The music video for “Seven” obliterated YouTube records by garnering an astounding 39 million views in just 24 hours. This accomplishment firmly places Jungkook as the fastest solo artist to reach this remarkable milestone on the platform.

An Electrifying Release

  • The “Seven” music video release was an international event, with millions of fans eagerly awaiting the moment the upload went live. The anticipation was palpable across social media platforms, with fans theorizing about the video’s theme, Jungkook’s style, and the single’s potential connection to BTS’s overall narrative.
  • Jungkook did not disappoint. His solo effort displayed the BTS star’s magnetic appeal and diverse talents. The song’s powerful lyrics, backed by Jungkook’s distinct and charismatic voice, quickly resonated with fans, leading to the impressive viewer turnout.
  • The visually stunning and thought-provoking video, filled with symbolic imagery and showcasing Jungkook’s intense performance, had viewers hitting the replay button, contributing significantly to the 24-hour view count.

Toppling Records and Setting New Standards

Jungkook’s achievement with “Seven” has toppled the existing YouTube records, setting a new benchmark for solo artists. The previous record holder was American pop icon, Taylor Swift, whose music video for “ME!” reached 31.4 million views in its first 24 hours.

  • The response to “Seven” has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans worldwide celebrating Jungkook’s achievement. The hashtag “#JungkookBreaksYouTube” trended globally on Twitter shortly after the news broke.
  • In addition to breaking the 24-hour record, “Seven” is also on track to break other milestones on YouTube. Predictions suggest that it may quickly reach 100 million views, a testament to the global popularity of the BTS member.


The success of “Seven” reiterates the impact and reach of BTS, and particularly Jungkook, on the global music stage. The band’s loyal fanbase, known as the ‘ARMY’, has shown the power of their support, helping “Seven” break the record and setting a new standard for solo releases.

With Jungkook’s “Seven” breaking records and making headlines, it appears that the momentum of BTS, whether as a group or as individual artists, is not slowing down anytime soon. Fans around the world are already eagerly awaiting the next big hit from the K-pop sensation.

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