Britney Spears’ Dad Claims Pop Star Was Worth Just $3 Million When He Took Over In 2008

Ever since the “New York Times” documentary “Framed Britney Spears” debuted a few weeks ago, the #FreeBritney movement has found new life. Fans of the pop singer believe that the conservatism she is undergoing, which her father controls, is unfair. After all, if she is healthy for a long Las Vegas residency, releases the album, and is a judge on “The X Factor”, she should not be in the least at least partially in control of her personal life and finances . The Well, not according to her father Jamie. 25th Thursday on ThursdayTh, He issued a statement through his lawyer claiming that he was controlling her against his will. Au

On the other hand, Brittany recently claimed in court documents that she was afraid of her father. She was not asking to be free from conservatism, she just wanted a court-appointed professional to take it from her father. His father is fighting that tooth and nail, saying that he should remain in charge of his conservatism because he loves her and wants to protect her. For the record, Britney Spears is the now 39-year-old mother of two teenagers who have completely bounced back and revived her career from the 2008 recession that led to her conservatism.

britney spears' dad claims pop star was worth just $3 million when he took over in 2008

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Mr. Spears’ attorney Vivian Thoren appeared in “Good Morning America” ​​to dispel some assumptions about his relationship to his client and his daughter’s finances. “I understand that every story needs a villain, but people get it wrong. This is the story of a devoted loving and loyal father who saved his daughter from a life-threatening situation. People were harming her and Were exploiting her. Jamie saved. Brittany’s life, “she said.

Ms Thoren claimed that Britney Spears had only $ 2.8 million in the bank when her father installed guardianship over her. Under her father’s guidance, Brittany’s total assets have grown to $ 70 million. Thoren claims that before Jamie Spears took office, Britney’s money was being misused. However, many fans of Brittany believe that Jamie is using Brittany as a workhorse and herself as a way to make money for him.

In late 2007, Brittany struggled personally and professionally. She was constantly kissed with paparazzi. She was famous for over a decade. She was a young mother. She was barely 26 years old. Britney released her album “Blackout”. At the same time, she was in a fierce custody battle with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. A judge found out that he was a “habitual, frequent and frequent user of controlled substances and alcohol.” He had originally lost his mind for some time. Due to which the car of a paparazzi member with the now infamous shave and parasol of his head was attacked. Not long after these events, her father filed for conservatism. Now you will never know it, but then people thought it was the end. The pop princess had fallen and people really felt she would never return.

Around the same time, Brittany’s parents took out a restraining order against Sam Lufti, alleging that he was taking advantage of Brittany. Lufti has always denied these allegations. In 2008 conservatism was implemented.

2007 and 2008 were not kind to Britney Spears, but they were a lifetime ago. Now at the age of 39, the mother of two has taken her personal and professional life back on track. His Instagram account is full of cute pics of him and his sons. We should never have doubted that. Remember, “This is Britney, bitch.”

Thoren also said in her “Good Morning America” ​​interview: “Jamie acts as her mentor because she loves him. She wants the best for Britney.”

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