Brick Fireplace Ideas for Any Design Style

Brick Fireplace Ideas for Any Design Style

If you have a brick fireplace, there are several ways you can make it more functional and beautiful. Whether you have a modern, traditional or vintage design style, there’s something for you!

If your brick fireplace is looking a little drab, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. It’s a quick, budget-friendly update that can transform your space and make your fireplace look like new.

Black and White Paint

Whether you have a small or large brick fireplace, black and white paint can create a stunning statement. It is also a great way to hide any imperfections in your brick, giving your fireplace a more remodeled look.

Green is another classic color for a fireplace that can enrich the space and bring nature inside. It is a soothing hue that brings a sense of peace to the room, and can be paired with neutral furniture and wood tones for a cohesive look.

Charcoal is another option for a darker tone that adds depth and texture to your fireplace. It is still neutral enough to match the rest of your room’s decor, but offers a deep look that makes it stand out from the wall.

To get the most out of this color, you need to make sure to use a primer before you start painting your bricks. This will help the paint stick better to the stone and reduce the number of coats needed for the paint to cover the surface completely.

Brick Fireplace Ideas
Brick Fireplace Ideas

If you don’t want to go the traditional route of painting your bricks, a German Smear effect can be achieved by using a decorative mortar wash. It can be tricky to achieve if you aren’t familiar with the technique, but it is fun and gives your fireplace a unique, one-of-a-kind touch.

The most important thing to remember is that if you aren’t sure about the method, it is always best to hire a professional. They will be able to provide the best advice and know how to make your brick look amazing!

Before you begin, clean your fireplace thoroughly. This will help prevent any mold or mildew from developing. It will also protect your bricks from any dirt and grime that can be a danger to your family.

Dark Paint

If you want to make your brick fireplace stand out from the rest, you can paint it a dark color. Black can help a room feel dramatic, and it also hides any imperfections in the brick. Pair this color with a wooden mantel and natural decor for a cozy feel that’s sure to impress.

Another popular way to update a brick fireplace is to whitewash it. This is a simple and inexpensive method that gives your brick a washed, translucent look. It works especially well in farmhouse and rustic home designs, but you can also use it to give a contemporary fireplace an updated feel.

A deep blue is an excellent option for a modern fireplace because it will contrast with white walls and create a sophisticated vibe. You can also tie in this color throughout your space with artwork and throw pillows, which will help it blend in better.

You can also paint your brick a light gray to create a more subdued, calming vibe that will make it the focal point of your living space. This color can help a TV screen blend into the background, making it ideal for an entertainment center that’s located above your fireplace.

Finally, painting your brick a green tone is another great idea for a dramatic fireplace display that will bring a fresh, nature-inspired element into the room. The color can be paired with other earthy tones and neutral furniture, or it can be used as an accent color to create a cohesive palette.

This is a great option for any design style. It’s a timeless way to update your fireplace and will make it stand out from the crowd!

Floating Mantel

If you have a brick fireplace in your home, then a floating mantel may be just the thing to update it. These types of mantels are perfect for a contemporary or modern home decor style, but they also look great in rustic and farmhouse styles.

Floating mantels are very popular and can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. They’re also a great way to make your fireplace look more modern and sleek without having to spend money on a professionally built fireplace.

The first step in creating a floating mantel is to decide what you’d like it to look like. This can be easy if you’re decorating with the colors of your brick fireplace in mind, but it can be difficult if you’re trying to incorporate other decor elements into your design theme.

For example, if you’re designing with a farmhouse or warm minimalist decor style in mind, this large wooden barn beam mantel would work perfectly. It’s weathered just right to give it that ideal rustic look, and it can also be used with corbels for a more traditional look.

Another idea is to install molding around your fireplace wall. This will give your wall a frame-like appearance, and it can be painted the same color as your fireplace.

It also creates a point of interest that makes the room feel more spacious and taller. The wall above the fireplace can even be planked with wood panels that extend up to crown molding at the ceiling.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of modern industrial style or something a little more traditional, this black floating mantel shelf will look great in your living room! It’s a simple and stylish addition to your fireplace, and it will definitely help you organize your collection of decorative items.


A brick fireplace is an attractive and timeless feature of any home. However, it can look old-fashioned and out of date if it’s not complemented by contemporary design elements. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think to update your brick fireplace and add a modern twist.

One way to update your brick fireplace is with a fresh coat of paint. This idea will instantly bring your fireplace up-to-date with the latest design trends while also improving its durability. You can choose any color that will cohere with the existing decor of your living room, such as white or beige.

Another great way to add a touch of nature to your home is by planting a plant on the mantel of your fireplace. This will make your space feel more natural and inviting, and it’s a fun addition to any design style!

Plants are not only a great way to add nature to your fireplace, they can also protect it from pests and rodents. Ivy and climbing hydrangea plants have specialized root systems that allow them to cling to brickwork with surprising strength.

To protect your chimney from this, try to avoid using decorative plants with tendrils that could pierce through cracks or weaken the mortar holding the brick together. It’s also important to remove all plants from the fireplace when winter arrives.

Painting a brick fireplace is not a difficult task, but it’s important to get the surface clean before you begin. Start by removing any loose debris and dust on the surface with a stiff wire brush. Next, scrub the fireplace with a masonry sponge or brush. Finally, use your shop vac to sweep away any leftover debris or loose dirt.


If you have a brick fireplace in your home, adding a mirror above it can really enhance the look and feel of your space. In addition to offering a lot of light, mirrors also create a more open-up and airy appeal to a room.

You can add a wide variety of mirror styles to your fireplace mantel, depending on your design style. For example, slim frames in black and white project a contemporary vibe, while arched and detailed mirrors exude a romantic, vintage touch.

When choosing a mirror, keep in mind that it should be proportionate to the size of your fireplace wall and mantel. This is to avoid asymmetry and create a sense of balance.

One of the most popular ways to hang a mirror above a mantle is with frameless mirrors. This can add a lot of drama to your space, especially if you have a high ceiling.

For this method, you’ll need to choose a mirror with mounting hardware that’s rated to handle the weight of your mirror. These usually come in the form of brackets or D-rings that are attached to the back of your mirror.

Next, you’ll need to determine the best place on your wall to mount it. This can depend on the type of wall you have, whether it’s drywall or plaster, as well as how heavy the mirror is.

Once you have these measurements, you’ll need to use a level to make sure the mounting hardware is level. You can also use an adhesive that’s rated for heavy weights, which is available at most stores.

FAQs for Brick Fireplace Ideas

Q: What design styles are suitable for brick fireplaces?
A: Brick fireplaces can be incorporated into a range of design styles. From traditional to modern, brick fireplaces are timeless and significantly enhance the overall look and feel of any room. Additionally, utilizing different colors of brick or painting them allows you to customize your fireplace to perfectly match the décor of your home.

Q: What are the benefits of using brick in my fireplace?
A: Masonry materials like bricks have many benefits when used in a fireplace. They retain heat very well due to their high thermal mass, meaning that your fireplace will remain warm even after the fire has gone out. Bricks are also low maintenance compared to other materials, as they require little more than an occasional cleaning. Furthermore, bricks possess excellent longevity and durability, adding both aesthetic appeal and practical value to any home.

Q: Are there any unique ideas I could use when designing a brick fireplace?
A: There are many creative options available when designing with brick. For example, creating a symmetrical pattern by alternating between light and dark colored bricks or blending traditional red clay bricks with contemporary sleek stone tiles adds visual interest to your space. Additionally, tiled accents around the firebox opening can add further individuality and highlight the key features of your fireplace design.

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