Bri Springs Was Edited Out Of After The Final Rose Episode

Fans saw Matt address Michelle and Rachael on ATFR, but where was Bri? Did she film a segment for the special? And if so, why was it cut?

After The Bachelor finale, there was a lot to process. The After the Final Rose special hosted by Emmanuel Acho addressed the racial controversies that plagued the season as well as the romances between Matt James and his final two women. But Bri Springs was conspicuously absent and fans want to know why. There’s been some debate about whether she was not invited to attend or was edited out, but Bri’s gone on record about why viewers didn’t see her take the hot seat.

Bri developed a connection with Matt early on when she secured the first one-on-one date of the season. As Bri’s feelings for Matt deepened, she revealed that she left her “dream job” to come on the show and take a chance on developing a relationship with The Bachelor. She made it to hometowns, where Matt met Bri’s mother, an immediate fan-favorite. But at the end of the fantasy suite episode, he sent Bri home. Her departure was very emotional and fans were hoping to see closure on After the Final Rose.

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As it turns out, Bri was on After the Final Rose, but her segment was edited out. In an interview with Extra, Bri said she was “extremely disappointed…because I do feel like I had a great conversation with Emmanuel about my journey and I was able to kind of wrap it up all in a bow and I got good closure from it, and I wish people could have seen me reach that conclusion.” However, Bri understands that her time was cut from the show to address the controversies of the season because “they were important conversations that needed to be had.

Though her segment was cut for time, video of her interview with Emmanuel Acho is available online. In her section on After the Final Rose, Bri addressed many topics, including her first one-on-one with Matt and how she was “scared for [her] life” when their ATV flipped over. Bri also spoke about the many things she had in common with Matt, like being biracial and raised by a single mother. According to Bri, it’s been challenging watching the show back, but it gave her clarity about “where Matt’s heart was at.”

While Bri is disappointed that her segment wasn’t aired, it seems that she got closure from her time on The Bachelor nonetheless. Bri has described life since being on the show as “mentally draining,” but she also gained insight and learned a lot about herself and what she brings to a relationship. Fans didn’t get to see her on After the Final Rose, but hopefully they’ll see more of her in the franchise.

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Source: Extra, Anna Marie’s BachelorTV

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