Bri Springs Reveals Whether She Was Able to Get Her Job Back

Bri quit her job while on the show to keep pursuing Matt James. After she was eliminated, did Bri get her job back? Fans were concerned about her.

Bri Springs of The Bachelor quit her job while on the show to keep pursuing Matt James, but was she able to get it back? After she was eliminated, she said the aftermath was mentally draining. Some in Bachelor Nation were concerned about her after hearing how much she sacrificed to be on the show. She joked about not being employed on Instagram, but recently she revealed the truth about her employment status on the Click Bait podcast, hosted by Bachelor alums Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker.

Bri got the very first one-on-one date, and she and Matt connected on a deep level right away. They both grew up with single mothers, and bonded over the similarities in their families. Bri continued to be a frontrunner, and revealed that she had quit her job to continue on the show just before hometowns. According to her ABC bio, Bri was a communications manager at a high profile social media company prior to the show. She was eliminated in third place after fantasy suites, behind Michelle Young and winner Rachael Kirkconnell.

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In her interview on Click Bait, Bri revealed that she has not gotten her job back. However, she clarified that it wasn’t because her employer wasn’t willing to give her back her position. “I stay in very close contact with all my co-workers, my old manager, and that door is definitely still there for me,” she said, but also said that she was working on polishing her resume. Bri explained that she was aware that she might have to quit her job to go on the show, and that she prepared for that eventuality. “I wouldn’t have gone on the show if I didn’t have a savings, if I didn’t have a support or safety network to fall back on,” she said. It sounds like Bri was smart in the way she prepared for The Bachelor, and that she doesn’t regret going on the show or quitting her job.

This practical side of Bri is one thing fans loved about her on the show, and a reason that Bachelor Nation was concerned when she revealed to Matt that she had quit her job. However, Bri seems totally content with her decision. She posted an Instagram Story, following her account being hacked earlier this year, after being eliminated from the show of herself in a bikini with a phone to her ear which she playfully captioned, “Me on the phone trying to get my job back.”

As a fan favorite and eligible Bachelorette, Bri will hopefully be returning to television soon for Bachelor In Paradise. There’s always a possibility that she won’t be single much longer, but Bachelor Nation will be happy to see her return to the franchise. Maybe she should take a pause on the job search too; companies probably wouldn’t be willing to let her take a couple months off to look for love in Mexico. Either way, Bri is headed for more success.

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