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An investigation by the Louisville Courier Journal found that after several records Breonna Taylor was alive six minutes after police officers shot her in her own home. Taylor’s friend Kenneth WalkerWho was arrested after the raid for shooting a policeman in the leg for self-defense, said in an interview with the police that Taylor “coughed” and gasped.

“(The police scream) like ‘come out, come out’ and I’m on the phone with her (mother). I’m still screaming for help because she coughs over here and I’m just freaking out,” said Walker three hours after the shootout in a recorded Police interview.

The Jefferson County coroner disputed this report and told the New York Times that Taylor was likely to have died within a minute of the shot and could not be saved.

However, records contradict this claim. According to the Courier Journal’s shipping records, the 26-year-old was in the place where she fell into her hallway and received no medical treatment for more than 20 minutes after Taylor was fatally shot by Louisville officials at 12:43 p.m.

“Breonna, who was unarmed in her hallway, was shot several times. She wasn’t killed immediately,” the lawyers said Sam Aguiar and Lonita Baker wrote in a revised lawsuit filed on behalf of Taylor’s family. “Rather, she lived five to six minutes before finally succumbing to her injuries on the floor of her house.”

Taylor’s family claimed in a lawsuit that she was still breathing “for more than five minutes” and “fighting for her life”.

The Courier Journal checked several documents to replicate the logs after Taylor’s shootout. Search warrants, arrest quotes, Taylor’s death certificate and coroner’s press release, shipping records and court records, as well as recorded police interviews with Mattingly and Walker were examined.


A new lawyers file Breonna Taylors Family on Sunday (July 5) claims the 26-year-old was alive for up to six minutes after being shot by the police but never receiving medical attention.

According to the New York TimesThe document also claims that the May 13 shootout was motivated by the Mayor of Louisville Greg Fischer Desire to vacate a block in one of the city’s most hit neighborhoods for redevelopment.

According to the documents, Breonna’s house was raided by the police because “a road had to be cleared for a major real estate development project” and “a newly formed villainous police force” was created to “violate all levels of politics”. Protocol and police standards. “

The family also claims that eight homes in their neighborhood were demolished less than a month after Taylor’s death and over a three-week period to accelerate a multi-million dollar development plan.

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City officials called Taylor’s family’s allegations “grossly mischaracterized” and referred to the coroner who did the autopsy to indicate that Breonna’s injuries were fatal regardless of medical treatment.

The new 31-page complaint contains a new account of the events leading up to the raid, which are described as “wanton” and “ruthless”, and tries to find out details about how Taylor died by the police.

According to Taylor’s death certificate, she was hit by five bullets.

“In the six minutes from Breonna’s shooting to her death, there is no evidence that an official has attempted to review and assist her,” said family lawyer Sam Aguiar, compared to the New York Times. “She suffered.”

The city of Louisville has banned arrest warrants since Taylor’s shooting. Just Brett HankisonOne of the three officials involved in her death was released. However, nobody was officially charged with her murder.

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