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Breach and Clear Tips How to handle it

Breach and Clear Tips How to handle it

Breach and clear is one of those games that will take a lot of strategy for you to play. It is a tad bit different from Call of Duty in the sense that you don’t bust in and blast the insurgents to bits. The best way to go forward with is to go slow while marking all your moves precisely.

Breach and Clear Tips

There will be plenty of missions thrown your way and while it may be tempting to just jump in all of them. But you have to go slow so as to make sure that you don’t die. So this may be the first tip we gave you, but you know it, it is just the tip of the iceberg in this case.

Breach and Clear Tips

  1. The best thing you can do is stay in cover. You don’t want to bust in and be marked. You and your men should stay in cover and your all moves should be fully shielded. Also choose a cover from where you will get the maximum visibility.
  2. The best way to approach any mission is to be in a team. Splitting up is a good option only and only when you are confident that your team mates are super strong. They should have enough firepower and skill to survive. Unless that’s the case, stick together.
  3. Did you wrong into a wrong square and now are unable to move? You can change it by simply holding the finger in position and dragging you to the place where you have to move back to.
  4. Always try to cover as much area as you can with your squad. If your enemy is not in line, you won’t be able to get the chance to hit them. So one of the most important things to remember is that you always have the whole room covered. This is keeping in line with the first point.
  5. Ask your tam players to get leveled up according to their roles. For example if you have a breacher in your team, you want them to have a high explosives rating. Similarly if you have a Fire team leader with high Draw Fire, then you want high health and evasion for him to have.
  6. Replay all the missions that you have completed. This will also give you some hindsight into the strategies to use next. Plus, it will fetch you some good stars. Every completed mission can be replayed to earn more stars.
  7. Make less noise while entering. Use your boots to enter. Entering with grenades and guns might cause a few points to gain, but it also marks your entry. Always enter slowly without any attack and get in position. Kick the doors open instead of blowing them – your enemies will have no clue and you will get a safe spot.
  8. Set up teams that complement each other. You want their skills and tools to complement each other – that’s the best way to ensure a win. Get a medic and intelligence to work together and a weapons sergeant, breacher, etc.
  9. Make “throw and go” to your advantage. Very few people take advantage of this tactic but it is actually a boon. You are allowed to throw the grenade and move in the same turn actually. It is best to keep a breacher in your team who might prove to be extremely useful in these areas.
  10. The best part is that the consumables in this game are really useful plus they are inexpensive. Make sure that you carry a bunch of medical kits and grenades into the game and for sure don’t be afraid to use them. The med kits will help you a lot when your team members are injured.
  11. It is also a good idea to spend in the game currency to upgrade your weapons. Add scopes, grips, suppressors, and get about anything that would give you an edge over the enemy. The more you spend the better your game level gets and you are actually able to get a better shot at defeating the enemy.
  12. If you are in cover and your enemies are in cover, make sure to sue the grenades to flush them out. It is no use allowing them to hide while you and your men are waiting in position to take them down.


Here is a tabular overview of the pairs –

Serial no.PairWith
2FireTeam Leader
3Weapons SergeantBreacher


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