Brain dead? I’m not!

“Accuracy without knowledge.’ That’s the general idea. In layman’s terms, that’s accurate-but-who-really-care. You don’t need to know much about brains to realize that if your goal is accuracy, you need to know how the brain functions. I’ve been studying brains for over half a century, and no longer have to rely on other people’s information about them. As a rule, other people are contributing to the information that’s available about the brain.

In these days of internet brains, it is no longer true that knowledge-based or brain-based medicine will reach all of the people who need it. Medical knowledge is now available on one level instead of across a continuum. Accurate medical information is available on this level. And, it is through the internet that it is made easily accessible.

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Accurate medical information is the key to improved health for every human being. Sometimes, it is complicated-but it is still possible-to reduce the pain in diseases and medical conditions. Accurate, modern medical information is available for all of us. It really is amazing that through the internet information about the human brain-the origin, evolution, pathology, and treatment-is made easily accessible.

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Undoubtedly, medicine would be far more advanced-and everyone would-if it weren’t for the countless amount of brain researchers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, and other health-care professionals devising constantly new ways of alleviating, treating, and treating diseases, and their complications.

Through the internet, the information about the human brain that is important for every human being is available. When you use the internet to locate this information, you get not only a list of medical terms, but also a list of places where that information may be obtained, and a description of each. Google the term Brain pain and you will find a list of websites that deal with brain-related terms. When you find the term assessing personality functioning, you will find a list of websites that deal with personality-related terms.

Accuracy With Data

The term brain-based learning, or Behavior Based Learning, is one step better than lumping all brain-based education together. It is based on the yet existing fact that brain cells and their functionality are involved in learning and memory. The yet existing fact that neurons in every part of the brain can fire together to cause action or inaction.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: information is stored in multiple areas of the brain, and different areas have different capabilities.

The web helps us illustrate many of these ideas by offering us a model of the web as a whiteboard, under which we can move various objects. We can precisely control: enemies, friends, family members, water, and food. There are also no limits. We can give letters of recommendation, advance them to the next level, and train them how to fulfill their jobs in whichever job-market. No fuss, no increase in stress, no lost work-we have the control.

Want to stay smart, sharp and focused in daily life?

Now, imagine you are given a brain-damaged, disabled, mentally ill, and completely incapacitated person as an instructor. How would you react? Obviously, with a big “dit kunt!” and move him, or her, into the employment of others. No doubt about it-handing the person out to others will prove a poor substitute for dealing with the individual and his/her deficits individually.

The internet offers a solution. It offers you a platform, free of any guilt or stigma, and it is so simple, even the illiterate can use it. There is simply no excuse for not using the technologies that are so immensely powerful in relieving brain-based physician’s of this malady, and giving equal opportunity to everyone interested in obtaining a brain-based degree. Now you’re ready to go. Get control of your destiny and click. The rest will be besides easy.

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