BOTW Hyrule Landmarks Are Being Recreated By Minecraft Player

One dedicated Minecraft player has managed to recreate the Dueling Peaks from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in excruciating detail.

One dedicated Minecraft player has taken on the immense task of recreating some notable landmarks from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Both titles continue to sustain large player bases long after launch thanks to the massive array of content each offers.

Minecraft has managed to keep its popularity for almost a full decade due to the game’s simple premise and gameplay that make it so a player’s main two limitations are imagination and time. This has allowed many dedicated builders to create some truly impressive settings, many of which are recreations from other famous intellectual properties. While some Minecraft players try to put a unique spin on their tributes, like a bust of Shrek made out of Minecraft emeralds, others attempt to recreate famous fictional landmarks as accurately as possible in block form. The most recent entry in The Legend of Zelda series has produced a few more of these landmarks and one Minecraft player has taken up the challenge to build them.

minecraft player
minecraft player


Reddit user PixelGamersGaming managed to recreate the Dueling Peaks from Breath of the Wild in excruciating detail, even going so far as to include the shrine at the very top. The surrounding landscape at the base of the mountains is also part of the impressive image featuring the Dueling Peaks Sheikah Tower coming out of the water. While PixelGamersGaming said in the post that this Minecraft build took a long time, it is not the only Breath of the Wild location they have reconstructed. A comment from the Minecraft architect revealed that they have also recreated the Great Plateau but have yet to post any images of it. That same comment also shared PixelGamersGaming’s intention to start building Breath of the Wild‘s interpretation of the Zelda series staple Kakariko Village in Minecraft.

Dueling Peaks

The task of recreating something as grand and epic as the Dueling Peaks was probably far more daunting than it may seem. There are so many Minecraft recreations that one can forget just how much work goes into them. PixelGamersGaming’s most recent addition to that vast library is no less impressive and they should be commended for their work.

Given how long it has been since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released, the timeframe seems accurate for Minecraft players finishing recreations from that title. Hopefully, PixelGamersGaming and others will share more of their block interpretations from the latest version of Hyrule. These recreations are unique works of art and the artists deserve to be celebrated by the gaming community and beyond.

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